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bear apprentice
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  1. Women's and Youth Bows
    Bear Apprentice Compound w/accessories Right Hand 15-27" draw length (no press required to adjust) 20 lbs-50 lbs draw weight 6" brace height 27.5 axle to axle 2.9 lbs 70% let off Realtree Camo Bow includes 3-pin sight, whisker biscuit rest, 2-piece quiver, limbsavers, peep sight and bow stand...
  2. Women's and Youth Bows
    Hello, this bow is in perfect condition, and has never been shot or registered. I bought recently for my GF, "now Ex-GF," in an attempt to get her into the sport. Oh well I guess. I'll be taking a little bath on this, but great deal someone else. The bear apprentice III has a max draw of...
  3. Women's and Youth Bows
    Tried to get my wife into bowhunting, but no luck. This bow has been shot maybe 20 times. Package includes: Bear Apprentice 2 Bow 2-piece Quiver Trophy Ridge Sight Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest TruBall Shooter Release Pine Ridge Archery Sawtooth Stabilizer Neon Green Wrist Sling 6 Bass Pro...
  4. General Archery Discussion
    Hi all, New to the forums here. Changing the draw length on the Bear Apprentice 2 is supposed to be really easy: You take an Allen wrench and remove the screw from the module and put it back into the hole that corresponds with your desired draw length. I seemed to have trouble with the Allen...
  5. Young Archers Forum
    G'day, I'd just like to know what arrows I should get as a beginner. I am going to order the Bear Apprentice 2 compound with the RTH pack. Also some links would be useful :shade:
  6. Women's and Youth Bows
    I have a bear apprentice 2 for sale. The bow is realtree ap camo and has a ton of adjustability. I bought this for my brother because of the amount of adjustability it has. Can go from 20-60lbs and the draw can adjust from 17-27 inches. Price is with everything you see in the pictures. Whisker...
  7. Hunting Bows
    BEAR APPRENTICE!!!!!!! I have a Bear apprentice I am selling fully set-up except for stabilizer. I send pics upon request. I bought this bow about 8 months ago for my girlfriend and she has had it out of the case twice. I would like to get $250 for the set up. I will also throw in 3 carbon...
  8. Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases
    Who here sells Bear bows?
  9. Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    I am looking for a used Bear Apprentice, or two. My wife and sister are interested in learning to shoot. Willing to spend $150 - $200 for a complete setup.
1-9 of 9 Results