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  1. WELCOME! New User Forum
    I just started shooting this month and used an Amazon compound for awhile and have just bought a used Bear Arena 30 that I LOVE.
  2. General Archery Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have a new Arena 30 and was thinking of getting a new whiskey biscuit for it? I only shoot FMJ 340spine so do you think i should go with the medium size or the small? And does it effect a lot if you chose the wrong size. (a to large size) small is obvious. =) Thanx.. M
  3. General Archery Discussion
    Click this link:
  4. General Archery Discussion
    I received my new Arena 30 this week :smile:. I was looking for a compact hunting bow to be used in a ground blind or a tree stand. After getting the sight ( Axcel Vision 7 Pin .19 ) and rest ( QAD Ultra HDX ) installed, I had to hit the range. All I can say is WOW! This thing is dead in the...
  5. General Archery Discussion
    So I made a trip to see Scottie/Pa and the new Bear Arean 30. Lets just say i am extremely impressed. I have never shot a Bear Bow. I normally tend to favor shooting Mathews and Elite bows however I have also owned bows from PSE, Hoyt, Elite, Bowtech, Strothers, Quest, and Prime. First...
1-9 of 14 Results