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  1. Bernie's Wind Dragon Pro-X Plus 32" Front Bar

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    Selling a 32" Bernie's Wind Dragon Pro-X Plus front bar with Black end caps. Bar is no longer available through Bernie's or Conquest. Currently available on Lancaster for $130 plus shipping. Will sell for $80 Shipped, CONUS, buyer pays PayPal fees. This is their 1/2" Diameter High Modulus...
  2. For Sale Bernie's Wind-Dragon Stabilizer and Easton Stabilizer Bag

    F.I.T.A. Classified
    Selling off a couple of extra pieces of gear no longer in use. 32" Bernie's Wind Dragon Pro-X Plus stabilizer, high modulus carbon, internal closed-cell foam lining, small diameter (1/2"), tapered shaft is larger in the middle to add stiffness without increasing weight, black end...
  3. For sale: Bernie's Control Freak X-Rods 8" and 6"

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    For sale: Hunting stabilizer set up. Bernie's Control Freak X-rod Scorpion. A complete set with a 6" and 8" stabilizer. Side bar, thru-riser mount that is very adjustable and has quick disconnect. Bowjax dampener included. 8 oz weight included as well. As seen in pics, the whole set is in good...
  4. Lite Hawk X-Rod Stabilizers by Bernie

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    I have a like new Lite Hawk stab setup from my 2012 PSE Supra ME. The front rod is 30" and the two side rods are 14". I'm unsure of the exact weights since there are no labels, but I can tell you they have a fixed V-Bar and the quick connect setup for easy assembly/disassembly. They are all...
  5. Bernie's control freak shooting staff thread

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey I tried to find one of these on archery talk and hae been unable to do so my wife father and I just recently joined Bernie's shooting staff and are really excited to shoot these bars in competition this year I find them to be well priced with extremely high quality. However I wanna see some...
  6. Bernies Hot Rods Stabilizer 11inch

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    For sale Bernies "Hot Rods" Stabilizer 11" 40$ tyd Let me know if you are interested. Brian
  7. Target Stabilizer Set Up

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    I have a target stabilizer set up that I am no longer using. 25 inch Bernie's Lightnin' Rod with 2 end weights and a bumper cap 8 inch Bernie's Lightnin' Rod with mini silencer and 2 heavy disc weights and a 1 ounce end weight Long bar sells new for $95 Short side bar sells new for $40...
  8. Lots of Releases, Cleaning House

    Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    1-Carter Insatiable + w/ springs $130 Firm 1-Carter Insatiable 2 w/ springs $125 OBO 1-Carter Chocolate Addiction 4-Finger w/ springs $125 OBO 1-Carter Ember 1 w/ removable Thumb extension $125 OBO 1-CC Porter Mako 3 $75 OBO 1-TRU Ball Trail Boss Talon Head $105 2-TRU Ball Chappy Boss Talon...
  9. I have a few things for sale or trade.

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    2– 10” Doinker Quadra flex side bars. Has light surface scratches. $45.00 6- Gold Tip Triple X Pro. Two are cut to 28” and 4 are uncut. Pin nocks and 5- 150 points (lost one). $85.00 1 – Bernie’s Knuckle under 4 finger BT like new. $85.00 Some things I would like. Tru Ball Sweet Spot ll and I...
  10. Bernies Lightnin Rod Stabilizer/VBar Set

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    For Sale is: Bernie's Lightnin Rod 25" Stabilizer with Quick Disconnect Bernies Lightnin Rod V Bar's with Custom V Bar Bracket V Bars Also Come with internal Weights Carbon Fiber with Blue Highlights/Matches Mathews Blue Damper Set Set sells for over $270 New Asking $140 TYD OBO
  11. Bernie's Control Freak Stabilizers?

    General Archery Discussion
    What are they, and how do they perform?