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  1. DIY Equipment
    I've decided that as a summer project, I would build a longbow. Of all the resources I found on the internet, I decided to use "The Ferret's Board Bow" design There is one problem, when the grip is finally made, is the grip in the exact...
  2. DIY Equipment
    Hi guys and gals! I'm going to give you all a quick lesson in creating your own mechanical shooter and draw board combination for all of $160. Yes, that's right. $160, and all you need is a field trip to a Home Depot, a Harbor Freight, and a deep socket tool set. Anyone can build this, and...
  3. Traditional Archery
    This is my first post so I'm not sure if I posted this in the right place or not. I was hoping some of you guys that have done a few bows before could tell me what you think of my tillering job on these two bows. The one on the right is the first one I did, ended up being about 35-36# @29" and...
1-3 of 4 Results