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  1. My 1958 Ben Pearson Palomino I built

    Traditional Archery
    I will say upfront that I loved the old Ben Pearson bows. I just do. I use to shoot right handed, Due to a pinched nerve, I switched to left handed (I'm also a "natural" leftie) and have just stayed with it. Well, I had a nice group of bows, but they were all right handed. Trying to find those...
  2. Carbon fiber backing peculiar limbs

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi all, new member here so if there's some special protocols I'm supposed to follow sorry in advance, I don't know 'em. Anyway, I've been making takedown bows using downhill skis as limbs, which have been working beautifully. However, I'd like to try using cross country skis so my limbs wouldn't...
  3. Will I damage my bow if I....

    Tom Turgeon - Q&A Bow Building Forum
    In the past 3 months I have heard or read variations of the following question several times. "Will I damage my bow if I increase my draw length?" My answer has always been: Wood has a memory. For X number of shots you have taught your bow to bend to lets say 27". Then you start asking the same...
  4. bow making. help with a little Q&A

    DIY Equipment
    i have yet to design any templates for the bow i wish to make and please excuse me if this is the wrong forum for this. i did look down the mains but not the subs i have a few questions i would like to ask before i start building and as far as advice goes, though i would be absolutely to...
  5. Bend Osage Laminate Before Glue?

    Traditional Archery
    Hello, I am looking at making a laminate recurve/longbow from some osage and adding some .030 fiberglass accents down the center. I originally planned on cutting 1/8"x1.5x35" inch laminates, but after cutting a small piece and comparing it to the bow shape I want, it's too hard to bend to the...
  6. Bow building questions

    Traditional Archery
    I would like to try building a t/d recurve this year and I am wondering where is a good place to get harware for mounting limbs. I do have limbs from other bows laying around so I figure if I don't get time to build the whole bow then maybe I will just build a riser. Has anyone out ther used oak...
  7. Limb swap question

    Traditional Archery
    I would like to know if I switch the limbs on my Martin Jaguar which is 60" with the Samick Sage which is 62", will this affect the draw weight if I use the same # limbs? I would also like to hear from anyone that has done this if it is a straight swap and will they fit right in the limb pockets...
  8. Build Your Own Bow

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Heat Box, Laminating Press etc, to Build One Piece or Take Down Recurve. $200.00