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  1. Wanted:::: Oneida bows

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    WTB Your Broke or old unwanted Oneida's I am Looking for old Oneida's for parts or just needing some attention. I am looking for the old style. H250, H500, Screaming Eagle, Tomcat I am looking for bows I can pick up Really cheap and repair or use them for parts bows. Or if you have a functional...
  2. WTT New Pearson Sidewinder 20-30 # for an Older Oneida.

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    WTT New Pearson Sidewinder 20-30 # for an Older Oneida. The Pearson has adjustable draw length from 19-29". I am only interested in an Oneida for trade. The Oneida can be old and ugly. I just need a spare for Bow fishing Tournaments. Thanks, Doug
  3. Should be the First with a New Breed Nemesis

    General Archery Discussion
    On Aug 12 I went out with the guys from Aerial Madness Bowfishing and instead of using the bows they provide we set up my New Breed Nemesis. Was quite a day and I had to crank the Nemesis way down but I think I made history. I shot 18 Asain Carp out of the air with the NB. To my knowledge...
  4. Oneida Eagle

    Hunting Bows
    This was my Dads Oneida bow from the 90's. Not sure of the model or anything, tried to look it up online but they all looked the same. He said he couldnt remember the name of it either, but says 'It was the Cat's ***** in its day.' It is 29-31in draw. And feels to be 50-60lbs. The sticker is...
  5. bow fishing

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hi trying to get into the sport here and have only been shooting for about a month . I was wondering if anyone had any advice on a setup or any thing of the sort for bow fishing.
  6. Bow Fishing

    WELCOME! New User Forum
    Hi i am new to archery and have only been shooting a month. I would really like to get into bow fishing and don't really know what to start with. Any suggestions?
  7. Bowfishing around the Twin Cities

    General Archery Discussion
    I am wondering if anyone knows of a good place to bowfish around the twin cities. my and my buddy are looking for some new places with carp to shoot.
  8. Browning Barracuda "Bowfishing Bow"

    Hunting Bows
    I have 3 of these Bowfishing bows. These are new in box shipped to your door for $285. Paypal Preferred. Add 3% for paypal transactions. These bows are the Blue Aquaflage Camo with a 0% letoff cam that is capable of short draw shots like a recurve with the power of a Compound Dual Cam Bow...