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  1. Experienced Bow Tech Needed in Northwest Colorado

    Straightline Sports is located in the heart of Steamboat Springs, Colorado and has been in business for over 30 years. Our team works together to not only equip our customers will all the gear and supplies they need but show them how to use their gear and guide them to the best places to...
  2. Bowtechs needed in Dayton, Ohio

    Everything Else
    Field and Stream (the outdoor store, not the magazine) is opening a new store in Miamisburg, Ohio. They are looking to hire several full time experienced bow techs. Competitive pay, benefits, and opportunity to advance within the company. They are also looking for a couple gun techs. If you are...
  3. broken limbs after change of string??? Now afraid to change strings

    General Archery Discussion
    I had a Bear Anarchy it was shooting fine. A bow tech in the area advised me (and a couple other techs at bass pro and cabelas) to change the strings, it was time any how, so I ordered a set of 452x from a good reputable string maker, gave them the size string the bow had marked on the limbs...
  4. X-Press PRO Bow Press

    Hunting Bows
    X-Press Bow Press For Sale This wil press ANY bow and ANY crossbow. This is truly the ONLY press you would ever need. Brand new. Still in unopened original box. This press sell for $1199.99 + $137.00 shipping on their website. I am selling this Press for $1030.00 TYD I can accept Credit/Debit...
  5. apple super pro bow press

    Accessories and General Hunting Items
    purchased new. i used it a couple of times per year for personal use only. $400
  6. Bow Technician

    General Archery Discussion
    How do I find information , on training as a bow technician ,training on the different bow companies(Mathews,Pse, Bowtech,Hoyt, Martin) bows. Any help would be appreciated , please pm me or post info and expierence, JP