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  1. Bow vise recommendation

    General Archery Discussion
    In the market for a bow vise, the HTM has my interest also the BAP vise. Is it not good for a bow to be hung by the stabilizer like the HTM? BAP kind of says that in the description but not out right. They just say it’s a vise that grips the handle like a vise should. Any way, just looking for...
  2. DIY bow vice

    DIY Equipment
    Finally got around to making one after years of holding the bows in my lap I got tired of it and made one up quick. Works perfectly and holds tight and allows for 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments, turns sideways if I want to serve or tie in a peep, level arrow rest's..... Endless possibilities now...
  3. OMP Versa Cradle Bow Vice Review

    ArcheryTalk Videos and Media Forum
    October Mountain Products sent a Versa Cradle Bow Vice in for testing. This vice has the ability to rotate 360 degrees and lay down completely flat so you can work on any compound bow from any angle. It's easily the best bow vice I've ever used. However, it is also the most expensive. This seems...
  4. LCA EZ Vice

    Archery Tools
    FS/FT... Used Last Chance Archery EZ Vice. Nice vice, just going to EZ Green Vice. $175 TYD PayPal Only. Will consider trades for: EZ Green Vice, LCA Arrow Scale, LCA Poundage Scale all in one, Or a Chronograph w/ light kit plus, BB Jig, and other at home shop tools.
  5. My new Bow Vise only 2 hours and $25.00

    DIY Equipment
    I know you can buy these however that would not be fun at all. Pipe $15.00 Angle Iron $5.00 Welding Materials $5.00 spending time with my dad building cool stuff $$$$$ PRICELESS. I enjoyed the time with dad building this vice even though he does not shoot anymore. I have seen several great...
  6. Sure Loc supreme w/Exteme scope, Cartel v-bar, doinker stab, Accu vice

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    Sure loc supreme 400.. Has 6 inch bar, lg. extreme scope with 3x lens ASKING $300 tyd, but would trade Cartel deluxe v-bar like new $35 tyd Doinker Carbon rod stabilzer 30-31 inches $80 tyd or would trade Accu vice... screws into stab. threads and holds bow allowing you to more easily work...
  7. Bow Vise

    DIY Equipment
    I can not take credit for the design of this bow vise. I found it in a thread and have to give FULL CREDIT to the person who posted it. The only problem is I can not find the thread the original picture was posted in. If you are the one who originally posted this, or know who did, please post...
  8. WTT Bow vice for arrows or sight

    Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    I have been making and selling bow vices for a while on here, I would like to trade makes some trades for some things I need. I need... A quiver A single pin slider sight arrows, maxima 250's or goldtip 5575's If your items are worth...