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  1. Single Movable Pin Sight in Hunter class in 3D Tournament

    General Archery Discussion
    Our local club held a 3D shoot over the weekend and they allowed movable single-pin sights in the hunter class. The official results aren't out yet, but it looks as if the guys shooting these sights took the top 3 spots by a good margin. I shot 11 up on a 36 target course with 5 pin sight...
  2. Backweight in Collegiate Archery

    Competition Target Archery
    USA Archery says that Collegiate Archers in the bow hunter class cannot have a rear stabilizer of more than 6 inches in any direction off the bow. Without this my bow just doesn't hold as well. I've seen guys running a giant stack of weights straight off the riser to "I'm assuming offset the...
  3. Wow! OPA 3D "Shoot-off"! at Intl Sportsmen's Expo was a great experience

    General Archery Discussion
    I just finished my first amateur division participation in an OPA ruled 3D style competition at Cal Expo in Sacramento CA, put on by Wilderness Archery of Roseville...Wow! THAT WAS FUN AND A HUGE CHALLENGE! It was a whole new dimension to the common 3D tournaments put on by most California...
  4. Food Plotting

    Coaches Corner
    I am thinking of planting a food plot for next season - does anyone have any experience in this area? I have been doing research, but everything seems so expensive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Secondly, are they worth it? I have been baiting for years, but we are looking to better...
  5. Archery Season Primer: Outdoor 3D League at Archery Addictions

    3d Archery Shoots
    The Archery Season Primer Outdoor 3D League starts in August. All shooters welcome. All skill levels welcome. Prepare for the upcoming archery season on our beautiful outdoor 3D Course. Rangefinders are allowed. Maximum yardage is 60 yards. Standing, seated, kneeling and ground blind shots...

    Traditional Archery
    Thought I would let people know about the Wapiti Bowmen-Lebanon Or. Safari. If you shoot BH, BB or Traditional, this shoot is a great way to meet others and also some of the best finger and non-sighted archers in the West. I am including a link and I hope it works. If we can get a head count...

    Field Archery Forum
    Thought I would let people know about the Wapiti Bowmen-Lebanon Or. Safari. If you shoot BH, BB or Traditional, this shoot is a great way to meet others and also some of the best finger and non-sighted archers in the West. I am including a link and I hope it works. If we can get a head count...
  8. Scott Exxus Core

    Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    I have an almost brand new Scott Exxus Core release, shot it about 20 times and it was not for me. I have a Stan Perfexx now. $100 TYD (will come with original packaging if you would like)
  9. Foam Target For Public Range

    F.I.T.A, N.A.A., Collegiate Archery, And J.O.A.D.
    Hi all, What are your ranges using for foam targets? I want to get my local bowhunters club to switch to foam instead of the arrow death trap of wood fibers and metal straps. If they are recycled where do you get the materials? If they are commercial which company and which model? Thank you in...
  10. Scent Lok

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    Scent Lok 2x (xxl) Suit Everything you need. 2xl Bowhunter Jacket 2xl Coveralls Face mask (hat) Gloves 2xl Base layer shirt Wore around house, never worn in the field. No rips or tears. $215 obo shipped
  11. Grand Finale Weekend

    NE Shoots
    Join Us on Saturday, September 24th and Sunday, September 25th for our Grand Finale Weekend! September 24th: Predator Shoot starts at 7:00PM September 25th: 3D Shoot from 7:00AM t0 12:00PM Adults $10 Children under 12 $5 Enjoy 100 Yard Shot 50/50 Raffle Photographer Shoot Food and Fun...
  12. New camo company! Kuiu for the whitetail world!

    Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases
    Introducing Catalyst Camo! This camo is brand new to the outdoor world and I am more then excited to be a rep for this company! Unlike mainstream hunting apparel such as Under Armour and First Lite that have a in-store upcharge, Catalyst has none of that as its only available online for straight...
  13. broadheads for africa??

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hey Gentlemen, and few proud female hunters, Im new to this site but ive been reading a lot of forums on similar topics. I am 17 with 5 years of bowhunting under my belt, which isn't much to many of yalls many years in the woods. Im going to Namibia in June on my high school grad...
  14. 2015 Mathews No Cam Lost 28/70

    Hunting Bows
    This bow is about 2 weeks old. Have the new No Cam on the way. It has been shot enough to sight in. 28" 85% mods with 60-70 lb limbs. Small blemish on the N of No Cam on one of the top limbs. Selling bow with QAD rest only. Shipping is CONUS only and will be taken care of on my end. Bow w/...
  15. New hunter and archer from Georgia

    WELCOME! New User Forum
    What's up yall I'm 24 and from the great state of Georgia, I just purchased my first bow (hoyt Ignite 26" draw 55lb pull) and final gonna get into hunting. Can't wait to learn some tips and tricks from yall.
  16. Athens Archery R.120 R120 Hallowed Ground Outdoors LH Left Hand

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    I have a Athens Archery R.120 Hallowed Ground Outdoors LH Left Hand 60# limbs with 27" draw length for sale. Bare bow with D-loop and peep sight only. It has a scratch on the handle in the paint. Possibly a few other marks. It is covered when you hold the bow by the handle. Has a binary cam...
  17. WTB Primos bowhunters vest

    Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    Looking for a Primos bowhunters vest in good condition. L/XL in Mossy Oak Break Up. Shoot me a msg if you have one you'd like to get rid of! Thanks.
  18. Online Archery Competition Starts August 3 (Looking for shooters!!!!)

    General Archery Discussion
    In the world of any athletic sport the world of competition is not only time consuming with travel but expensive. Not everyone has the financial ability or sponsorship backing to travel from state to state or tournament to tournament to compete with those we see all over television, YoutTube, or...
  19. Scent-coveralls mossy oak breakup pattern

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    MEDIUM New with tags......sized mossy oak break up pattern.. $90 or best offer TYD Link..... Scent-Lok® Savanna™ EXT Coveralls Scent-adsorption in super-lightweight camo Ideal for early-season hunts Quiet, soft and...
  20. Beman ICS Bowhunter Arrows

    Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Eleven ICS Bowhunter arrows, 500 spine, 31" long. with inserts and factory fletching. Couple of vanes have tears in them from adjacent arrows hitting them. Used for half indoor winter season before son outgrew them. $60 OBO TYD. Money order preferred, Paypal add 3%.