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bowtech destroyer 340

  1. Bowtech Destroyer 340 60#, Excellent Cond

    Hunting Bows
    I have a Bowtech Destroyer 340 for sale. This is a 50-60lb bow, RH, all camo, currently set at 28.5", but I can adjust before shipping if needed. You won't find a nicer used Destroyer! There is no limb flaking, and the In-Velvet finish is outstanding. It has a new set of Catfish Custom strings...
  2. !! 2011 Bowtech Destroyer 340 60# RH !!

    Hunting Bows
    I have a 2011 Bowtech Destroyer 340 right hand in mossy oak treestand camo with 60# limbs. The limbs have recently been changed with brand new ones from the factory because the old ones were flaking and also this bow has a brand new set of solid red and black serving string and cables with no...
  3. Bowtech Destroyer 340 limbs needed!

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Hi guys n girls, I'm new to this site so I'm just feeling my away around! Well at the moment I'm after a set of Bowtech Destroyer 340 limbs for a mate who's brother dropped his bow n cracked the limbs. Anyone happy to sell a set, he is interested even from O/S the USA or UK hes happy to pay...
  4. Bowtech Destroyer 340 ** LOADED** LIKE NEW!!!

    Hunting Bows
    I have a 2011 right handed Bowtech Destroyer 340 Black Op's in LIKE NEW CONDITION **LOADED** It is covered in In-Velvet! I am asking $625.00 TYD in the Lower 48 States. I accept PayPal. 2011 Bowtech Destroyer 340 Specs: * 50 to 60 Lbs. * Axle to Axle - 32. 375" * Brace Height - 7" * IBO...
  5. Bowtech Destroyer 340

    Bowtech Archery Discussion
    Hey guys I just bought a used 2010 Bowtech Destroyer 340 that's in great condition. I have shot a Mathews for the past 8 years and just recently switched over to Bowtech by buying a brand new Invasion CPX and now a used Destroyer 340. What do you think a used left handed 2010 Bowtech Destroyer...
  6. ***2010 Bowtech Destroyer 340***

    Hunting Bows
    Yes, I know I am nuts for selling it but money is sorely needed. My beloved D340 is up for sale, it is RH, 50 - 60#, camo, adj. draw length via mods (set at 28.75" presently). I've owned this bow over 2 years and it flat out rocks. It has Proline string/cables on it with years of life left. It...
  7. 2011 BowTech Destroyer 340

    Hunting Bows
    60-70 pounds; 26-31 draw. Bare bow with peep. Asking $550, prefer PayPal. currently set to 70# with 28" draw. Draw length adjusts with rotating modules. Please PM with interests. Thanks,
  8. bowtech destroyer 340 treestand

    Hunting Bows
    up for sale is a bowtech destroyer 340 in treestand camo. this bow rh is 70# peak weight and is adjustable from 27" to 31" in draw length, this bow will come BARE bow and that is all. if you have any questions feel free to message me. thanks
  9. I am going to regret this but... 2011 BowtechDestroyer 340 Optifade w Quiver and Stab

    Hunting Bows
    Yup 2011 D340 Optifade Forest Camo, matching Octane Optifade Quiver, Octane Optifade 7inch Stab. 55-65 Right Handed, I love it but I have too many bows. Only shot indoors. Not a mark on her. Cleaning out the closet so its gotta go. I'm not eager to get rid of this bow so no lowballs...
  10. 2010 Bowtech Destroyer great condition, great price

    Hunting Bows
    i am trying to sell my back up bow, it is a 2010 destroyer 340. i have two of these and this was my back up bow untill i ordered the new invasion and now i need to get rid of this one. it is in great shape with hardly and scratches at all. although this bow is in great shape it has been hunted...
  11. WTT 2010 RH Destroyer 340 for Elite xxl xlr 28.5/70

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Destroyer 340: Crackerized Right Handed 28.5 DL 70lb DW Torqueless grip finish on limb is slightly peeling which I will show in pictures Also willing to sell! I AM LOOKING FOR AN ELITE XXL OR XLR 28.5/70
  12. BowTech Destroyer 340 60# 29", G5 Optix, Trophy Ridge Drop Zone, 18 Carbon Arrows

    Hunting Bows
    BowTech Destroyer 340 60# 29", G5 Optix, Trophy Ridge Drop Zone, 18 Carbon Arrows I am wanting to sell my Destroyer 340. Please reply to this thread or email me with offers. I am also flexible on the package, and am willing to sell items separately, but would like to sell at the bare minimum...
  13. Bowtech Destroyer 340 50-60# 29" Draw, G5 Optix Rock, Trophy Ridge DropZone, Gold Tip

    Hunting Bows
    Bowtech Destroyer 340 50-60# 29" Draw, G5 Optix Rock, Trophy Ridge DropZone, Gold Tip I have a Bowtech Destroyer 340 for sale. I currently have it listed on ebay, it's item number 120661728390 if you want to look at the listing. I would prefer to sell it to a private seller to save me from the...