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  1. bowturbo or tilt tamer?need help!!

    Bow Tuning
    i have a diamond outlaw as my back up bow with a bowturbo on it but im starting to get cam lean with it after about 6 months and i had cam lean with the standard cable slide what other things can i try ive heard of the tilt tamer is it good or bad :thumbs_up or :thumbs_do black hoyt maxxis 31...
  2. bowturbow on diamond outlaw and a look at my new hoyt maxxis 31 set up

    Bow Tuning
    had a bowturbo on my diamond outlaw 57/29.5 and i did get more speed and no change to draw but went up a 1 1/2lbs more and it didnt voit my warranty until i cut the rest of the cable look at my pics the boiw works great and i got 12 more feet per second can you help me with...
  3. WTB Bowturbo

    Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    just shoot me a pm
  4. bowturbow

    General Archery Discussion
    is this thing legit? does it really increase speed without any increase in dl or draw weight?