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  1. Seeking Traditional Bowyer to Apprentice Under

    Traditional Archery
    I am a 22-year old Missourian looking to apprentice under a master bowyer. I grew up in a small town in rural Kansas, and no one I knew could teach me anything about archery. I became fascinated with bows as a child though, and taught myself how to shoot when I was given my first bow. I am...
  2. 1/8" Selfbow Backing

    Traditional Archery
    I overtillered a hickory bow and need to add poundage to it. I don't want to use sinew, glass, or rawhide, but can't find 1/8" hickory or oak online. Do any bowyers have links to stores which sell this?
  3. Bowyers Lots

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    I had to get out of building bows a few years ago and it's time to get rid of my left over gear. What you see in the pic is all I have. Binghams Full instructions for reflex/deflex longbow Binghams full instructions for takedown other Bingham prints Longbow Compression Hose Takedown Compression...
  4. Beware of "Natural Archer" Bowyers

    Traditional Archery
    I wanted to share my experience of buying a custom made yew longbow from Natural Archer, in case someone else is considering purchasing from them. Below is the bullet points version, then the more detailed prose version. - I ordered a bow that was 30# at 32”. . . . I got a bow that’s 37# at...
  5. Bingham Projects Recurve DVD

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    I am looking to purchase a Bingham Projects Recurve DVD. I am currently researching and planning on building my own recurve within the next year or so and have heard good things about this informational DVD. I have also found several websites with valuable information as well. Please PM me if...
  6. Up coming bow making class at rewild portland

    General Archery Discussion
    Just wanted to let people know that Saturday June 7th through Sunday June 8th, 10am – 6pm, I will be teaching a beginning bow making class with local non-profit Rewild Portland! I am an experienced Bowyer and love to teach so I hope to see you there! class includes a green vine maple stave and...
  7. Seeking to borrow medieval bow for photo shoot, Toronto, Feb. 17

    Canadian Forum
    Hey all! A fellow archer/makeup and hair artist is doing a photo shoot on Feb. 17 and is seeking a medieval bow (longbow is ok) to use. It's a non-paid gig for the bow however, if it's provided by a crafter, their name and/or business will be credited for publication. The male model won't be...
  8. Novice Bowter's Bow Swap

    Traditional Archery
    Ok, so I have built a few wood bows and love it, however I do not quite feel qualified to swap with some of these really experienced builders. Here’s the idea any of you novice bow builders that feel like you make quality bows but just don't quite feel comfortable trading with these guys; Lets...