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  1. Parker Buck Hunter XP Limbs

    Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Pair of Parker Buck Hunter XP limbs. 70 lbs (BX70). Excellent condition. Next G1 camo. Selling for $50 TYD USPS MO Only-lower 48. Will consider rest/sight trades. PM me with interest. Thanks
  2. Parker #50-60

    Hunting Bows
    Parker Buckhunter FS 2005 Parker Buckhunter RH 50-60 lb. limbs 26-31 inch draw length 35.5" ata Used for hunting. Normal wear. Comes with peep sight, 3-pin fiber optic sight, brass nocking point, detachable 4-arrow quiver in matching camo, teflon cable slide, and a GFK...
  3. Bow tuning help!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bow Tuning
    Okay I am kinda new to archery i have shot a bow off and on for two years and recently just purchased a Parker BuckHunter XP it seems very fast, but i have not been able to shoot consistent groups. Just when I think that the groups should be good, they are all over the place. I am using a...