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  1. W6 Module for Jennings/ Bear PWC

    Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    I can buy it outright or trade for a W5 module.
  2. Old Buckmaster, New owner Help

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi. I recently came into possession of a Jennings Archery Buckmaster Lite. It was my dad's bow and he is no longer able to use it. He asked if I wanted it. I said yes (of course) to keep his tradition alive. I went to a pro shop to replace the string, which they did. However, it turns out my...
  3. Jennings Buckmaster RH, 30" DL, 70lbs

    Hunting Bows
    Jennings Buckmaster RH, 30" DL, 70lbs Brand: Jennings Model: Buckmaster Dexterity: Right Hand Draw Length (in.): 30 (mod 02) Draw Weight (lbs.): 61-70lbs. Package includes: - Bodoodle Pro Rest - 4 pin Site - Alpine 5 arrow Quiver - 8 Beman Hunter Arrows - 5 Saber Broadheads - string clip...
  4. Jennings Buckmaster Help

    General Archery Discussion
    Anyone know how or where I can get my hands on a SUPER CAM 04 module? I need to drop the draw length down for my son.
  5. Buckmaster BTR 32 Compound Bow Package In NC $200 Shipped

    Hunting Bows
    Buckmaster BTR 32 Compound Bow Package 32" ATA 29" / 70 LB Draw Split Limb 2 Piece Quiver Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest 3 Point Optical Sight Camo Hydraulic Damper With Leather / Paracord Wrist Sling Limb Dampers String Dampers ( Need To Be Installed ) Cable Guide Dampener Good String /...
  6. 2010 Mission BX-1 Fully Loaded for Sale $250.00 28/60#

    Hunting Bows
    Up for Sale is a 2010 Mission BX-1 buck master Edition Bow, with Dloop, Peep, 5 Arrow Apex Gear Quiver, 4 Pin True Glow Sight, Drop Down Arrow Rest, all TYD for $250.00
  7. Jennings Buckmaster like new $190 obo

    Hunting Bows
    Jennings Buckmaster RH Compound Bow - 70# 29" Camo Used for target practice just a few times, pristine condition, no signs of wear at all, not a single scratch. Comes with pictured accessories, original cables, 6 arrows Quiver, etc, owner's manual, still in the box and plastic bag. Serial...
  8. Bear Jennings G2 Buckmaster W5 Cam Module - WTB

    General Archery Discussion
    I need a W5 cam module for a Jennings/Bear G2 Buckmaster. If anyone has one please let me know how much you want for it. [email protected]
  9. Buckmaster Bow by Jennings

    Hunting Bows
    I have a Jennings Buckmaster bow for sale. 70/29. Includes bow in good condition, case, quiver, 5 carbon arrows and 10 aluminum arrows, three pin-sights, rest, and peep sight. Asking $225 obo plus shipping and fees.
  10. WTB O5 draw module for late 1990's jennings buckmaster

    Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    Hello Folks- a Buddy upgraded to a new bow and gave me his old Jennings Buckmaster with the original O2 draw module for about 30 inch draw. I need to drop down to a 27 inch draw which should be the O5 module. Please let me know if you can help me out. Best Regards, theflyfodr:shade:
  11. PSE Stinger 3G/Brute X

    General Archery Discussion
    Anyone shot a PSE Stinger 3G or Brute X? I'm thinking about getting a new bow (currently have a Buckmaster BTR). Is the Brute worth the extra $100? Also, are there any other single-cams you guys would recommend for under $400? Thanks for any advice.
  12. Bear Buckmasters Pro

    Hunting Bows
    A friend of mine has a Buckmasters Pro compound bow, right handed, 60-70 lbs with Realtree camo for sale. Bow with quiver. It has 2 modules for adjusting the draw length. He is asking $260.00 shipped. Can get more pics if interested.
  13. Thinking About Selling (Mission Buckmaster)

    Hunting Bows
    I'm thinking about selling my 2009 Mission Buckmaster bow. It is a RH 60lbs. with a 29in draw. I will sell it with the sights, the stabilizer, and Whisker Biscuit. I just want to get an idea of what I could get for it. I'm pretty much sell it so I can upgrade. Any comments would be awesome...
  14. Jennings Buckmasters

    Hunting Bows
    Have a Jennings Buckmasters in good condition with new string and cables put on a couple months ago. 30" draw, 70# limbs. Bare bow with D-loop, peep and kisser. $150 tyd CONUS
  15. Jennings Buckmaster

    General Archery Discussion
    wow, I can't believe anyone actually took the time to check out this thread but I'm sure glad you did. :thumbs_up I have a 1996 Jennings Buckmaster bow and I'd like to fix it up for a friend that I'd like to get into archery. Problem is I don't have a manual for it and I need to order new...
  16. Jennings Buckmaster G2 Lefty

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    I have for sale a Jennings Buckmaster G2 bow with stabalizer and trophy ridge drop away rest already installed. All u need is a sight. it is set at 29 inch draw with max 70lb pull. This thing is pretty quick. IBO is 309 fps. I will email pics upon request. Shoulder problems are making me...
  17. Have a chance to buy a Buckmaster 2000 Jennings bow, advice would be welcomed.

    General Archery Discussion
    I have been offered dibs on a Buckmaster 2000 Jennings Bow. What price point should I start at, it is fully accessorized and has been taken well care of. All top of the line accessories & case. I just want to throw this out there and see what is said about it. Thanks in advance for your input...
  18. WTB Module for Jennings Buckmaster PWC

    Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    I have a module for a Jennings Buckmasters PWC bow that is marked 2P, I believe this is a 30" DL Mod. I need to shorten the DL to 27" I have been told the one I need is a #5P mod does anyone have one that they would sell, PM me with any info or mods you have for sale, thanks. Would even be...
  19. Jennings Buckmaster - Taking All Offers

    Target Bows
    Right handed, 28.5" draw - believe it is 70 lbs, but the notation has faded. Bow was my father's - shot a bit ~2000 but mostly closet-stored. Includes 5-pin sight, overdraw and stabilizer. Located in Pittsburgh - would prefer a local transfer, but not averse to shipping for a good offer...
  20. PSE Buckmaster, 70-80# 29"DL, Kwickee Quiver...

    Hunting Bows
    PSE Buckmaster, 70-80#, 29"DL, Kwickee Quiver, Bodoodle Rest, SplitFire Release, brand new string, peep and loop. Bow is in excellent shape and I see no scratches, marks, bends, breaks and know of no issues. This bow has seen very little use. This past fall was the most use it has seen and I...