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  1. Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    Man, I got a HAUL on eBay recently: a box of five pairs of cams, including: 2 pairs of Browning Radial cams (with cables) 1 pair of Alpine Quiet cams (with cables) 1 pair of Barnsdale Classic cams (with 2 sets of cables and 2 pairs of hard yokes WOO HOO!!) And 1 pair of mystery cams Check it...
  2. Finger Shooting
    Uncovered these in bucket of mystery parts. Any ideas?
  3. Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    Uncovered these in my bucket of mystery parts. Any ideas?
  4. Swap Hunt
    Hey, a hoyt pro comp elite just cam into my possession but, unfortunately, the draw length is a max of 28 in and I'm a 31. Does anyone have compatible cams for my length that they would be willing to sell?
  5. Archery Accessories
    I am looking to buy a Mathews Z7 29” cam (right handed). Let me know if anyone has one.
  6. Hoyt Archery Discussion
    I have a hoyt invicta dcx cam and i was wondering where and how to remove the rubber stop for a harder wall. I want to take it to a pro shop but there is no pro shop near me so i want to do it myself
  7. General Archery Discussion
    So I recently bought a Hoyt Maxxis 31 Hunting Compound Bow XTR Cam 28"-30" Draw, 60-70#, RH, #3 cams (3C I believe). I haven’t shot in over 10 years and forgot my draw length which I found out later is about 26 inches. So obviously the cams on the bow don’t fit me. My question is if anyone out...
  8. Hoyt Archery Discussion
    Hello, I recently bought my first compound bow. I bought an older Hoyt Carbonite and currently the draw length is too long. I can get it back to full draw no problem, but the it's still to long. I took it to our local archery shop and was told that they didn't work on Hoyt's generally and didn't...
  9. Mathews Archery Discussion
    So I have an old LX that I bought used a few years ago. I never had it fitted to me but I now know the 29" draw is much too short for me. I was going to look into buying a new cam to give me closer to a 30-31" draw but I'm not sure how to tell which ones will actually work for this. This is my...
  10. Hoyt Archery Discussion
    Hi there I am looking for some #2 cams for a 2014 hoyt faktor 34. If anybody has a set they will like to sell or wanting to get rid of please PM me. Thanks.
  11. Hoyt Technical Forum
    Hi, I am very new to the archery and trying to figure it out about the cam and modules. Could any knows what are the different cam and modules I can have in Hoyt prevail 37” & 40”? And does there totally different set of cams & modules for them (37” & 40”)? please forward me the chart by any...
1-11 of 14 Results