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carbon express mayhem
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    I have a Horton Havoc sighted in with 416 grain bolts that came with the bow (includes weight of field tip 100 grains) The only bolt I can find between Easton and Carbon Express that comes close to that weight are the Carbon Express Mayhem's at 420 grains. Has anyone ever shot these? I could not...
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    I have 6 CX Mayhem 350s that are 29 1/4 in from the nock valley to insert. One has the insert installed and is fletched with 3.125'' Quikspin St fletching. I oredered these and the cut them too short for me. My loss is your gain. Asking 55 dollars tyd.
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    Check out the new Carbon Express Mayhem video,
  5. Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases
    CARBON EXPRESS® CREATES MAYHEM IN ARCHERY INDUSTRY.New MayhemTM Arrow Performs Like 3 Arrows in 1 Flushing, Michigan – Carbon Express®, a leader in arrow technology and innovation introduces the MayhemTM with K-360o™ Weave Technology. Engineered to deliver the ultimate combination of speed...
1-5 of 5 Results