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carbon matrix for sale
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  1. Hunting Bows
    I have a like new Carbon Matrix (in Realtree APG) with a Z5 conversion by Breathn (from AT) . It has a #2 Z5 cam which on the conversion makes the draw length 28-30in. and 55-65 lbs. draw weight. It's currently set at 30 inch. I also have the original #2 XTR cams that came on it. I'm asking for...
  2. Hunting Bows
    2012 Hoyt Matrix Realtree AP camo, RH, 50-60 lb. limbs, RKT #2 cams w/ C or D mods (28" or 28.5") draw length. Peep, D-Loop, Hoyt strings/cables in real good condition, Hoyt wood grip, and Hoyt QAD Ultra Rest HDX. $600 bare bow or $675 w/ Hoyt rest tyd. Light wear at grip and absolutely nothing...
  3. Hunting Bows
    2010 Hoyt Carbon Matrix RH Realtree APG, 60-70# limbs, 84 deflection, #2 XTR cams w/ 2C mods (28" draw), red/black strings are in good condition, famous Hoyt light wear at grip, new peep, D-loop & kisser, your choice of grip wooden or rubber, overall bow is in very good condition. $500 tyd for...
  4. Hunting Bows
    I am selling my Hoyt Carbon Matrix in Realtree Max-1 camo for $650 obo. Shipping included. The bow is a 50-60# and has the #2 XTR cams with E modules. I also have a set of used #3 Fuel cams with A mods included in the deal. The bow is in excellent condition and has never been taken in the field...
  5. Hunting Bows
    I have a blacked out 2011 Hoyt Carbon Matrix with 60-70 pound Limbs with Number 2 cams. Has not been used very often at all. Asking $800.00 TYD. Also would like to trade for a New Elite Hunter same Specs. Money order only please I will Post pictures soon.
1-5 of 5 Results