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  1. Bowfishing
    Hey I just bought a buncha bow fishing gear. Haven't bow fished in years and have never bow fished in Oregon. I'm less than a mile from the Willamette in keizer. Anyone know of any spots to try for carp around there? Iv seen small schools in West Salem but they are cruising. Any tips on where I...
  2. Bowfishing
    anyone know of some creeks or places i can bowfish from shore? im near athens GA. any help is apreciated
  3. Bowfishing
    Just got back from bowfishing in Saskchewan,check out some pics here. Give my page a LIKE please if you like what you see. I'm going again next year for sure. Tourism Saskachewan recommended Sundale resort - it was a great place to stay - top notch actually. AMS bowfishing retriever pro reel...
  4. Bowfishing
    A lot of people are interested in bowfishing, but don't know much about it. I am trying to write up an article that will give people the basic know-how to get started. (something I wish I had when I first started) I am looking for feedback on a post I have put up that I can edit and make...
  5. Bowfishing
    The lows were in the thirties, and the water temps still being quite warm, caused an unbelievable fog-bank after midnight. Scary as heck riding around on an airboat, most of the time we moved around the main channel at just a fast-idle. Due to the chocolate milk-colored water in the creeks we...
  6. Bowfishing
    has anyone seen these guys on you tube there videos are pretty cool
  7. California
    Bowfishing at Lake Elsinore is in jeopardy due to some leaving their dead fish on the banks. PLEASE! don't leave your dead carp at ANY lake, take a tub & dump them somewhere else or give them to folks who want them for their garden. If this continues we're going to lose Elsinore as a bowfishing...
  8. Bowfishing
    fished for for hours yesterday this is wat we got only shot off of one bridge the whole time not a bad day my best day yet now i can see y they say this is addicting
  9. Bowfishing
    I am wondering if anyone knows of a good place to bowfish around the twin cities. my and my buddy are looking for some new places with carp to shoot.
1-9 of 10 Results