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  1. Southern Shoots
    Our first shoot this fall will be BowFest September 3 and 4. BowFest will feature venders with booths and a workshop for kids with some of Oklahoma's own pro shooters. We will have 20 to 25 targets, mainly deer for a nice deer season warm-up, and a long shot contest with 50 percent pay back. We...
  2. Southern Shoots
    ----> 3-D Archery Shoot Cimarron Valley Archery March 26th-27th ~ Cushing, OK <----- 3D Archery Shoot Cimarron Valley Archery Cushing, OK Trophy Rounds & Fun Rounds Special Guest Paul Biggs with Own The Zone TV & will be in town LUNCH &...
  3. Southern Shoots
    I just wanted to let you know we are rolling up on our 2008 YEAR END Shooter Appreciation 3d Shoot! this is a great time to get that last minute warmup before hunting season! Coming up at Cimarron Valley Archery in Cushing, Oklahoma SEPT 13th and 14th books open 8am to 3pm $10 fun rounds $5...
1-3 of 3 Results