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  1. Target bow ?s

    WELCOME! New User Forum
    Diving deep into the rabbit hole of archery. Picked up a VXR28, and im learning 1st hand that a 6" Brace height bow may now have been the best call. That said, im looking at the TRX38, and have been seriously researching sights, bows, rests etc. My hope is that I can find some local shoots here...
  2. Barebow 10 round 300 scoring

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi all, I am pretty new to the barebow world and shooting for competition in general. Yesterday I shot for scoring for the first time and I scored 218/300. Now I realize this is just practice and a comp will be a lot more stressful and harder but I am curious what is a decent score for someone...
  3. Hoyt Pro Comp Elite XL

    Target Bows
    Hello All, I am posting this for a friend who really wants to explore what else is out there. This was his first Target Bow and he is looking to expand outside of Hoyt. For sale or trade 2014 pro comp elite XL 30 inch draw 50-60 lb limbs First String strings not even a year old (1 indoor...
  4. ELITE 2018 Echelon 37

    Target Bows
    ELITE 2018 Echelon 37 RED 50-60LB LIMBS 30" DRAW MODS Good Shape. Usual wear from rest, sights, stabs. etc.. UNREGISTERED. Will include limb stops and all (3-sizes) of cable stops. BARE BOW. NO TRADES, PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE $1000 TYD
  5. Russia shoots! BOWMANIA CUP!

    European Shoots
    Dear friends! Russian club are distance competitions on 18 meters. We will be very glad if you will participate in this tournament. The tournament is held according to the principle of fair play! We have no prizes. We aim to compare results of different shooters.Rules. 60 shots at a...
  6. Mint condition Bowtech RPM 360 black ops CHEAP!!!!

    Hunting Bows
    Like new barely used bowtch rpm 360 located in NE Ohio text far any and all detail will sell bare or set up 550 bare 700 with sights and rest! Text 330 749 2021
  7. Hoyt Target Bow, $550 (Great Condition!)

    Target Bows
    Im looking to sell my Hoyt 38 Ultra. Bow is in great condition and shoots like a dream. I'm wanting to sell it because i don't shoot it that much and really don't have a need for it. Im looking to get $550 for it. Shipping and Handling included in price. Will even throw in 1/2 dozen easton X7...
  8. ISO Mathews Chill X or X Pro

    Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    wanting to buy a Mathews chill x or x pro for competition shooting thank you let me know if you have one,
  9. Mathews Apex 7

    Target Bows
    This Apex 7 is in perfect condition and ready to shoot. It comes with a Doinker Side Bar, a Doinker Side bar mount,a Long Stabilizer, a HHA One Pin Sight, a trophy taker spring steel rest, a Plano Mathews case, 10 Gold Tip X Cutter Pros, and a kick stand. This is the perfect competition setup...
  10. Hoyt XT Pro Comp with extras (Black) Great Condition!

    Target Bows
    For sale is a Hoyt XT Pro Comp 50-60 pound adjustable bow. It is a 29.5" draw length. The color is black. This bow also includes... -Custom 3 color String (Red, Orange, Silver -Limb Driven Vapor Trail Rest -CBE Quad Lite 3D Sight w/ scope -Stokerized HD series 24" Stabilizer -Stann Shootoff...
  11. 2013 Hoyt Pro Comp Elite XL (Pearl White) 28"/ 60lb

    Target Bows
    2013 Hoyt Pro Comp Elite XL RH pearl white 28"/60 I have a 2013 Hoyt Pro Comp Elite XL for sale, It is 60# max 28" Spiral X cams. Right Hand It has a very good condition Bullseye custom string on it. I tried to take a pic of all the marks I can find on the bow. There is a spot on one...
  12. Olympic Bow Regulations ???

    Traditional Archery
    Hey Guys, I am new to the sport and have read that there are over 75 different divisions here in colorado to compete in. Age, equipment, etc. Does anyone have a list of regulations for the different types of competitions? and more specifically, what are the olympic bow regulations. Same with...
  13. Hoyt Alpha Elite 50-60 lb #2 cam

    Target Bows
    I've got a sleek looking alpha elite here for sale. This bow has been babied and is in beautiful condition. Has no dings/scratches, has never been dropped or shot in the rain. No rust, used as indoor bow. Asking price is 800. Custom vapor trail strings/ great shape. Awesome bow. Here's...
  14. 2012 Lh mathews conquest apex 8

    Left Handed Target Bows
    I have a beautiful 2012 root beer colored mathews conquest apex 8 and a golden 2011 MC8 for sale. These bows have only been shot for one indoor archery season (about two months) and have just been sitting around since. Theyre great shooting bows, very smooth, solid, and extremely forgiving with...
  15. Recurve bow poundages in competition

    General Archery Discussion
    Recently, some figures of recurve bow poundages came to my attention: - Brady Elison: 55 lbs. - Mauro Nespolli: 58 lbs.!!! - is this true, I wonder? Some older information about high poundages was: - Juan Rene Serrano: 52 lbs. at Beijing Olympics - Michele Frangilli: 50-51-52 at different...
  16. What kind of bow do i buy?

    General Archery Discussion
    I am wanting some input of what kind of competition bow i should get. It would be used for both 3D and indoor tournaments. Thanks for the suggestions!
  17. hoyt pro-elite

    Target Bows
    im amselling my hoyt pro elite 29.5in 63#. 1/8 in super peep. xt 3000 limbs. bowdoodle rest, 6 cxl's with nibs in them,full length, nice hard case. $750
  18. Trade for CRX 32

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Does anybody have a Hoyt CRX 32 black out that they might be willing to trade for a Hoyt CRX 32 in camo?? Just found a greater attraction to the black out bow versions. If interested, message me and I will send pics. And if there are any offers message also. Specs need to be the same. 60-70#...
  19. Pse moneymaker chance beouboeff personal bow 2010

    Target Bows
    Yes this is chances elite moneymaker Lf he won alot of known 50 at asa nationals with this bow I traded him a 2,200 dollar tactical rifle for it in feb 2011 it is in skulls camo with black hybrid limbs 68lb exelent shape still set up by him and also two sets of his personal americas best strings...
  20. 2010 Hoyt Vixcen Competition Series RED FUSION (right hand)

    Target Bows
    My wife has injured her shoulders and can no longer shoot this is bow is an excellent choice for women and youth. Was purchased new in May 2010, and has been in her bow case untouched since Sept 2010. Never been exposed to harsh or wet weather conditions. Like new and very well kept. No...