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composite bow
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  1. General Archery Discussion
    Good evening everyone. Over the past few years I have been working on a doctoral program in Classics at the University of South Africa. The main focus of my work has been on the composite bow. After a great deal of effort I can now say that the dissertation (Origins and Comparative Advantage of...
  2. Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    Up for sale is my Grozer Scythian extra III. Specs: -52 inches strung -pull 60#@28 inches -made with horn on the back, sinew on the belly, and birch covering and sinew wrap. -dates back to about 2011. This one of his better bows as it has no cracks and gashes or cosmetic flaws. It does...
  3. Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
1-3 of 3 Results