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  1. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Like new condition 50-60 lb Mathews Triax bow with black riser and camo limbs. Accessorized with QAD rest, Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 pin sight, Bee Stinger stabilizer, Mathews 4 arrow Arrow Web quiver, and Sure peep #8 verifier peep sight. Also includes 12 New Black Eagle Zombie Slayer arrows...
  2. General Archery Discussion
    Hello I have bow engineering question and this might be a stupid question. Recurve bows work by storing energy in the limbs and compound bows work using CAMS. Has any one tried combining the two? For example a bow where you pull the limbs back and cam exerts force? Thanks
  3. Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    Up for sale is a RH Beiter Compound Blade Rest in excellent condition. Contains all original parts and an additional size #6 blade. $165 TYD Lower 48.
  4. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Hi ATers, I'm looking to purchase my wife's first bow in 30-40lbs or 40-50lbs, 26-27" draw specs. Ideally easily adjustable on the draw. Prefer to buy loaded as a package, but will definitely consider barebows as well. Thanks for looking out!
  5. Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    Bought this brand new but the color just isn’t for me. The original online images made it look much darker (reminded me of Matthews’s blue) but in real life it’s a little bit more teal? Still looks good, but I decided to get a red one instead and the seller reneged on their return policy...
  6. General Archery Discussion
    Hello, I'm new to both this forum and the world of compound bow archery so please be patient with me! I'm changing my compound bow to a Bear Archery Species LD RTH 45-60lb because I need a longer draw length. So, I'm also looking for appropriate arrows to match the new bow. My trouble is, I'm...
  7. Hunting Bows
    Selling an Athens Ridge 32 with 55-65lbs limbs and currently at a 27 inch draw. Draw length easily changed with different mods. Will come with a trophy ridge sync md rest and a copper John dead nuts 3 5 pin sight. 525tyd firm plus PayPal fees. Price is firm
  8. General Archery Discussion
    @Trevi, my dad, is gonna help me set up a new bow. My budget is to get a bow under $500, I know all the accessories are gonna add up but I doubt they'll double the cost. Initial search has me looking at Bear Cruzer G2 RTH. Looking for something that I can probably start around 50lb draw, and...
  9. Women's and Youth Bows
    Bought it for my daughter 2 years ago. It looks brand new to me. Shot very little. Comes with everything you see in the pics, arrows, quiver, rest, sight, release, strap and stab. Will need tuned, but other than that ready to go. Text or call 719-five six eight-2638 $150
  10. Left Handed Hunting Bows
    Infinite Edge bow in very condition. Ready to shoot. Great bow for someone looking to start out and grow with a compound bow. I bought this here on AT to rehab a shoulder replacement due to the ability to change draw weight from as low as 5 lbs to as high as 70 lbs. The draw length can be...
  11. Hunting Bows
    Hoyt Vector 32” ATA 29”DL 60-70# DW $450 barebow if you cover shipping and fees $500 if I do Can add a 5 pin trophyridge and a whisker. Located in KC
  12. WELCOME! New User Forum
    Just dropping in to say hey. I grew up shooting traditional at summer camps, and even helped introduce a few people to some recurves back in the day but I always stayed away from compounds. I was a simple guy and they looked anything but. Well, my buddy got me to shoot a Hoyt in his backyard a...
  13. General Archery Discussion
    It seems no matter what arrow I shoot or adjusted poundage I always get a left bare shaft ( tail right) The only solution I can find in bare shaft tuning my Focus XL is moving my blade rest at 1/2" to riser. The bow came from the factory with the cams already shimmed all the way to left. There...
  14. Rests, Releases, Grips, Wrist Straps and Slings
    I got out of Compound shooting years ago, totally a Barebow convert so just time to admit to myself that I won't need these anymore. LOL. Release #1 - Stan Black Pearl DS - (SOLD; Thanks, MiBuckHunter!) $85 shipped ConUS. Includes both regular and clicker sear (#6) plus an extra thumb grip...
  15. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    A buddy was gifted his grandfathers Bear Whitetail Hunter bow. This thing is a bit outside my wheelhouse and it was likely slaying deer and elk before I was born. It seems to be in pretty good condition. We have ordered a new string. I did not find any fraying or other damage in the cables. I...
  16. Hunting Bows
    Selling or trading a like new 2020 Athens Ridge 32 right hand compound bow. Not shot much due to hand injury. It is currently at 27 inch draw but easily changed with different mods. Weight can adjust from 55-65lbs. Comes with trophy ridge sync md rest, iq pro single pin sight, and a fuse...
  17. Hunting Bows
    I’m selling my Bear Perception Compound Bow FULLY SETUP for $1200 (package deal). The bow is 33” ATA, DL 25.5-30”, 60-70lb. The bow has only been used for target shooting but is full set up for hunting. I didn’t get a chance to go out this season with it and since I primarily shoot barebow for...
  18. Hunting Bows
    Selling a 2019 RH mission mxr. Currently set at 27 inches but can go from 23.5 to 29.5 with different mods and can go from 40-70lbs. Comes with a brand new trophy taker fc pro rest, stokerized stabilizer, and iq pro single pin sight. 475tyd
  19. General Archery Discussion
    Does anyone have experience using a greyback compound bow? Any pros and cons that you may have experienced?
1-19 of 500 Results