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conquest apex7

  1. Mathews Apex 7 and Apex 8

    Target Bows
    Two bows up for sale: 2012 Apex 7 Black with black limbs 60-70, 29.5 and 29 cams New zebra premium strings Marks near mounting holes, no other wear. $425 tyd OBO PayPal 2012 Apex 8 Black with black limbs 50-60# 29.5 and 29 cams Strings shootable but prob need replaced. 2nd set of...
  2. Conquest Apex 7

    Target Bows
    I have a new in box Conquest Apex 7. 27.5 inch draw, 50-60 lbs I beleive. It has a metallic gold riser and black limbs, great looking bow. I think it is a 2007 or 2008. Planned to get into target and it just never happened. Has not even left the box in came in. $ 500 tyd obo. Please text me if...
  3. Apex7 30.5 Draw Awesome Deal

    Target Bows
    My arms are too LONG! I purchased this complete target setup for 3D and indoor twenty yard competition on the advice of my dealer that we could make the draw length work. I've tried just about every trick out there, and I'm done trying. Today - for you - Such a Deal! For photos visit...