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  1. General Sales
    We are running a promo on our site for a limited time! We are offering a 10% discount on all Covert Game Cameras by calling us to get the promo code that you will use at checkout. Give us a call at 225-286-9292. Check out the Covert Cameras that we offer...
  2. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    A couple of new pictures we have from June!! Let's see your :)
  3. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Some new shots we have. We want to see from you! I spy something with my little eye, that is gray!
  4. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Good morning hunting lovers and Covert fans! We hope you will check out our 2016 new line up. Our brand new Windtalker is certified with AT&T and allows you to receive 5 second videos, while our Code Black 12.0 (AT&T) and our Blackhawk 12.0 (Verizon) allow you to access photos -- all from our...
  5. General Sales
    It's CAMERA WEEK at! Here's the line-up: Monday - Covert Extreme Black 60 Tuesday - Covert MP6 Wednesday - HCO Wireless Thursday - Covert Extreme Red 40 Friday - SpyPoint Tiny-D Saturday - Covert MPE5 IF YOU MISS A DEAL, NO BIG DEAL! EMAIL US AT...
  6. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hello all! I got some new Covert cams and had them out and got all these bear pics! No clue there was this many around, with that being said, about how big is the biggest bear in the pictures? I have never bear hunted before and am seriously considering it for the first time this year! Any tips...
  7. Optics and Electronics
    These game cameras are infrared, 3 or 5 megapixel, you can take photos or video's, and you can also set the cameras up to take single pictures or put it in bursts of up to three pictures. The picture delays run from 1 second to 60 minutes. What is cool about these cameras is that they are...
1-7 of 7 Results