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coyote hunting

  1. Red or Green light for coyote hunting?

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    With deer season shutting down I wanna start more coyote calling at night. Do you think there is a difference in red or green lights? I have both and actually prefer the green but have been reading that it spooks them while red is not seen by canines. Any opinions on light colors? I'm all ears...
  2. Crossbow for Coyote Hunting

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    I've hunted whitetails with a compound bow but now I'm interested in coyote hunting with a crossbow. The crossbow I'm looking at is a Killer Instinct KI-1350, 350 FPS. At what distance could I take down a coyote? Should I get a crossbow with higher velocity? Any thoughts would be welcomed. I'm...
  3. 2012 Indiana Predator Challenge RECAP

    The 2012 Indiana Predator Challenge is complete and once again it was an exciting event right down to the wire! A capacity crowd of 65 hunters registered for the 8th Annual IPC event with men, women and children packing in from all over the Midwest. This hunt is limited to 65 entries and books...
  4. Coyote Hunting Video!!! Warning gun footage.

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    I know I know it's not bowhunting but let's admit there's really not a whole lot to be done with a bow this time of year as far as good hunting. I know a lot of you like to predator hunt and if you don't then you should start especially now that the wolves are expanding. Anyways this last...
  5. Got a coyote problem??

    Hunting Land for Lease
    Looking to see if anyone has a farm/livestock/deer lease in southern ky that is being overrun by coyotes and other predators that would like to get them under control. I am a retired police officer living in warren co. With alot of time on my hands. So, if the coyotes are killing your deer...
  6. coyote hunting.

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    ok AT'ers i need some help.. there are way too many coyotes around my house the other night i had a pack of 4 30 yards away from my house i have never hunted coyotes and im wanting to give it a try... i need some advice soi figured i could get it here however i doubt i use a bow but rather a...