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  1. Tactical crossbow design

    Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    I've been noticing with Mission, Browning, CenterPoint, Ravin, KI, etc that a lot of manufacturers are going for a more tactical look. Instead of all camo, it's now half-camo and half black-AR15'ish. Some of course are all black and very industrial, with Gearhead taking it to the Nth degree...
  2. Graphic Designer looking to help with archery related design projects!

    Hello all! I am a Graphic Designer and I want to help YOU. I have been working full-time in design for a few years now and though I love my job, I would really like to add some archery related projects to my portfolio. Here is a list of my skills in the design field: Branding/logo design, web...
  3. Great t-shirts & accessories for archery and hunting lovers!

    Clothing, Packs, Footwear and Bow Cases
    We are a graphic design and printing firm in Arizona that specializes in logo design, branding and pretty much all marketing products. We love to work with Archery and gun shop owners as well as outfitters. We are now starting to sell a line of archery and gun related products online. We hope...
  4. Modern Longbow Design Inferior To Old?

    Traditional Archery
    So, I got the Howard Hill Co. longbow catalog, and there was this interesting ditty. "For all hunting archers, the longbow with straight ends is the only one to consider." While I realize that this is mostly trying to differentiate the longbow and the recurve, it continues to refer to the...
  5. Broadhead design

    Broadhead Discussion
    If ya'll could design your own hybrid broadhead, how would you set it up? Mine would be a silver flame, with the blade seperated into two halves and a trocar tip on the end, with a spitfire or schwacker style mechanism running the entire length of the ferrule. I would have 'em serrated and weigh...
  6. Student Bow Design

    DIY Equipment
    Hi, I am a high school student learning catia. My teacher for the class is really into archery and is having us create Compound bows. I’ve took interest in a few different bow designs and took features from all of them to create my bow. To be honest I’m not very big into archery and don’t know...
  7. DIY Arrow Fletching Jig

    DIY Equipment
    Hi All, I've been reading the forums since I started shooting a bow in December. Since then I have become very interested in the sport and have learned a lot. I wanted to share my (beta version) design for an arrow fletching jig, to see what people think. I understand that the design is overly...
  8. Designing custom cams

    DIY Equipment
    While I was laying in my bed couple nights ago after reading the topic about OK archery's renegade bow with it's pretty neat three-track cam system which eliminates cam lean I started thinking if it would be possible to design and manufacture a similar cam system for my bow (which currently has...
  9. recurve riser design

    DIY Equipment
    Hi everyone. been wanting to do this on a more serious basis for a couple for a couple of years now, I have in the past designed a riser for myself but it wasn't very efficient when it comes to machine time and use materials. also i feel my limb pocket geometry was a little of what i really need...
  10. Check out the new wrap designs from

    Manufacturer Announcements and Press Releases
    Today we added an awesome new design set of wraps at Direct link to the wraps is this. Our wraps are custom cut for every available shaft diameter out there. So no cutting pieces of vinyl to size, that will be done for you. Numbering, name and custom spinwing lines is...
  11. Different arrow shelf design...

    Traditional Archery
    Seeing how I am new and all, this may be old news to you guys. There may be some flaw to this that is obvious to everybody here that I just don't see. Actually, I'm pretty sure there must be or else it would be more popular... I was thinking about arrow rests and how close I could cut in to the...
  12. Web Design and Internet Marketing

    Does your business need an website? Then get a hold of me, I can help you out! [email protected] Few Clients:
  13. New Designs for Field Dress

    AT Sponsors Forum
    Should have them online this week.