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  1. Traditional Archery
    Looking to see if there is anyone out there that could cut some feathers for me? I have some turkey wings from last season that i would like to use on some arrows. Anyone out there that i can send the wings to to have this done? I dont know if i will stick with feathers so i dont really want to...
  2. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hey all, I am going on my first elk hunt this September. I was wondering what resources you all recommend to study in the months leading up to the season. I know boots on the ground is the best resource, and I will be doing some scouting this summer once I figure out where I will be hunting...
  3. General Archery Discussion
    I am a newbie archer. I've always loved target sports and sports where you compete against yourself, so archery is a great fit. Recently I received permission to hunt on a 10 acre suburban property, so I've made the dive. For about a month I've been outfitting and learning and thought that...
  4. General Archery Discussion
    Can anyone recommend a waterproof label paper that works with an inkjet printer? There are a ton of options on amazon, and none of the reviews inspire confidence. Do you use the vinyl paper? Matte or gloss? Thanks for the help.
  5. DIY Equipment
    This is designed as a workout tool not a shooter. Too much handshock to enjoy. About 150 fps @ 10gpp for my 120lb you can make yours of any weight, just adjust the fiberglass bar quantity and length you just need a file to grind the string notches thats it
  6. General Archery Discussion
    When paper tuning, what different distances do you all prefer to use? I bare shaft tuned at about 7 or so feet, and now that the arrows are fletched I need another yardage. Thanks
  7. DIY Equipment
    Grinder and some paint, make a welder what he ain’t.
  8. DIY Equipment
    Not sure if this counts as DIY or not... but has anyone created a kill board / hunting map of their property? My family is about to close on some land and were wanting to include a small building that had a layout of everything with all animals taken at the property. Any ideas or creative...
  9. DIY Equipment
    So I'm just about finished building my first bowstring jig and have some ?s about string material. I know I'm gonna want to practice building a set or two before even attempting anything that would even consider installing on a bow. My question is what is a good quality yet economical string and...
  10. DIY Equipment
    I have tried to make a bow out of a skateboard. Skateboard decks are made of maple plywood sheets put together under the pressure of 40 something tons. Exactly what we need. And at the end we, of course, will do some testing
  11. DIY Equipment
    Hi, This is my first time doing anything diy for archery. I've been looking at quivers for sale in shops and found none of them appealing to my eye. Untill i came across one made by lucky-leather, loved the style but €600~€800 for a quiver was just way to much, so i decided to design and build...
  12. Mathews Archery Discussion
    Just wondering if anyone knows how many counter clockwise turns from peak weight can you turn the limb bolt to decrease the weight on a VXR 28? Thanks!
  13. Traditional Archery
    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of starting my first Bow build. I do have a few questions. Before I ask my questions, let me explain my build. Well its not my first actual build, more like my second. For my first build i watched some youtube vids. The Bow didn't look very good and came in...
  14. DIY Equipment
    Hey guys I have been working on a idea, and I would love your feedback. I have been saddle hunting for awhile now, and I follow a few facebook groups and the saddlehunters forum. I've noticed that there are some solutions for public land legal bow hangers out there, but there not one that I...
  15. DIY Equipment
    I found some RX-3 ultra limbs that are in a target color for sale and I really think they would be cool on my RX-3. The question is will they even fit or can I just put them on without too much of a hitch?
  16. Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    how to put a handshake on a jaguar crossbow 175lbs ek archery? i love it My crossbow: thanks for helping me :embara:
  17. CrossBow DIY Equipment
    how to put a handshake on a jaguar crossbow 175lbs ek archery? i love it My crossbow: thanks for helping me :embara:
  18. DIY Equipment
    I've been meaning to use a bunch of old sheds and antlers to make some coat hangers. What is the best way to drill/screw into them and then attach them to pieces of wood (thinking like a barn wood plank) Any help and ideas are appreciated
  19. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Im looking to try out saddle hunting, want to hear your opinions. Also shipping times concern me a bit, so any info on that would be appropriated. I was looking into a Kestrel flex(I think they have super short order times?) and a DIY platform based around wild edge or DIY steps. Im going to bed...
  20. Elite Archery Discussion
    So I was tuning my bow the other week to shoot a newer arrow and ended up needing to swap a shim from one side of the cams to the other. This process proved difficult while the bow was pressed and the little washer shims dropping everywhere as you remove the cam. It made Matthew's top hat system...