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    South Carolina
    Hey Y'all, So I have never hunted any of the WMA's in GZ2 as I have always had to opportunity to hunt private lands but opting to spend that money on out of state hunts this year. I live in Rock Hill, so I have pretty quick access to Draper, Landsford Canal, McConnells Tract (Turkey Creek) and...
  2. What? Where? When?

    General Archery Discussion
    What??? Hunter's Crossbow Exposition: * DNR will be available to answer any questions for 2012 Indiana hunters. * Crossbow factory representatives will be here to demonstrate product line-up and answer any related questions. * Elite Sports Express Truck will be on premises. The Elite Sports...
  3. Longbow=compound.... atleast in ohio

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    anything not a crossbow is considered by ODNR to be a "longbow" what the fuzz is this? A buck is a buck down there too, no tags for qualifying it as to how many points needs to be made on the buck. So they make you check it but don't really check it. Mine had ticks on it I hope one...
  4. Hunting Situation

    While at my local archery club we like to discuss many topics and one that is continuously coming up if the situation with the DNR and all the CWD stuff that is going. Many of the club members feel that the DNR is simply trying to completly wipe out the deer heard instead of managing it since...