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  1. doinker v-bars and a carbon matrix

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    so i bought a 2010 carbon matrix for myself for Christmas and intend on using it to shoot 3d i have a 28in doinker stabilizer and decided to purchase doinker v-bars go go alone with. the problem that i have is the bracket to mount the v-bars is not wide enough to work properly with a carbon...
  2. Doinker! - Vbars, Vbar mount, Stabilizer, and weights!

    Sights, scopes, stabilizers and dampeners
    1. Doinker BCV8 - 8" Carbon Graphite V-Bar Set- 6.2oz Retail Price = $146.21 plus shipping $125 shipped tyd 2. Doinker BC27 - 27" Carbon Graphite Stabilizer - 4.7oz Retail Price = $146.21 plus shipping includes WCS1 Doinker Soft-End Cap (not shown in picture) Retail Price = $9.22 plus...