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  1. Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    The rubber on my draw stop post for my Bowtech Admiral is beginning to crack from age and UV damage. My local shop doesn't have any in stock and said that Bowtech informed them they didn't have any.
  2. Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a bowtech dealer or even somebody that has a spare destroyer 350 draw stop post laying around. I've unsuccessfully attempted to reach bowtech several times about ordering a new one (yes I know about bowtech' awful CS). Also I've had no such luck with "local" dealers...
  3. General Archery Discussion
    I've managed to get my bow paper tuned to perfection and it shoots bare shafts pretty close to fletched. My problem, or maybe not, is to get my timing perfectly correct and touching at the exact same time it throws my cables out of center on the dots on the cams. Is this something I should be...
  4. General Archery Discussion
    If you have a bow that reaches it's stop right after it breaks over and you shorten the draw length by say 1", Will the bow still reach the break over point or will you be holding the draw weight?
  5. General Archery Discussion
    Hey everone, I just bought a used D340 and need to change the DL. I noticed that where i need to put the draw post for me is a plugged hole where there used to be a draw stop that broke off. Any ideas on how to get the broken stud out? Im new at this so as soon as I fugure out how to posts pics...
  6. General Archery Discussion
    Well, almost any bow owner as there are two pre-requisites. 1.) Compound bow. 2.) Draw stop style with a rubber dampening band. (This probably also works great for the ones with harder plastic too.) Get a $5 slingshot tubing / pocket replacement kit from the hardware store. (Cutting...
  7. General Archery Discussion
    Hi, I just bought a 2009 sniper from "bowtech in the boonies" program in canada. I had the bow set up for me and mailed by The bow is set to 70# draw weight and 31" draw length. The bow didn't seem to be letting off properly at full draw like my friends compound...
1-7 of 7 Results