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  1. Form check #3. Slow Motion gifs.

    Traditional Archery
    Let me know if the slow motion gifs do not work! Disregard the odd background setting, yes I practiced safety during this. We all get rainy days don't we? The drawing and firing gif are seperate because the files were too large. I'm drawing downwards to simulate being on a treestand. My draw is...
  2. Thresher X vs. Xscape

    Xpedition Archery
    Anybody here have experience with these 2 bows? Any specific details would be appreciated.
  3. Elite Ritual 30 vs Valor

    Elite Archery Discussion
    Very Similar bows, I believe they use the same cams. Has anyone shot both of these and how do the 2 compare?
  4. Realm vs Revolt

    Bowtech Archery Discussion
    Anyone who has shot both of these Bowtech bows. Interested in which has the smoother draw cycle.
  5. hoyt maxxis 31 BC edition draw stop

    General Archery Discussion
    My buddy's draw stop post fell out of his bottom cam. I'm trying to help him find one for his bow. The bow is a hoyt maxxis 31 bone collector edition. The bottom cam has a XR3- BR engraved on it. He called a hoyt guy and was told the hoyt draw stop bolt came in 3 different sizes of threads...
  6. Question on draw weight and arrow purchasing

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey I’m interested in buying arrows and have become confused. When I look at charts for determining arrow spine, it asks for draw weight and draw length. The length I am pretty sure I understand. What is confusing is the draw weight. From what I understand you should use the standard draw weight...
  7. Mission Ballistic 2.0 - 50#to70# - Brand New - $375 tyd

    Women's and Youth Bows
    Mathews Mission Ballistic 2.0 bare bow Brand new, nothing ever mounted on it and never fired. $375 tyd (continental U.S.) -It has the 50lb-70lb limbs (can be dialed back down to 50lbs with turns of a couple screws). -Draw Length 26-30". Currently set to 27" draw length, but have modules for...
  8. WTB: Accubow

    Archery Tools
    Anyone have an Accubow they would like to sell?
  9. Mathews Chill Series Rock Mods 28.5" 75%

    Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Set of Rock Mods for Chill Series Mathews. 28.5" 75% let off. $30 tyd firm
  10. LH Long Draw bow

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    I am 6' 3'' Wingspan of 79.5" Draw length of 31.5"+ Left Handed I feel like a unicorn but maybe you guys can help me out. I am looking to buy a LH bow that is capable of achieving a 31.5-32" draw length. Bows I have heard of in long draw that I am interested in: Hoyt Carbon Spyder 34 LD...
  11. Halon x is Modular Draw ??

    General Archery Discussion
    Hi everyone, my question is in Halon X the draw lengh can be adjusted with modules and if it is necessary to use a press for it. Thank you
  12. Questions About Wyoming Elk Tags

    Western Bowhunting Gallery
    Earlier this year a group of us applied for a Wyoming elk tag. We applied separately as we'd still likely go without each other. We all applied for a General tag as none of us have points. Well as luck would have it, one of us drew a General tag. The other two just ended up with points...
  13. Drawing back randomly more stiff sometimes??? Need help!

    Mathews Archery Discussion
    Hi guys, I have a question about my Chill R...what could cause it to draw noticeably stiffer sometimes and smooth on others? Like it'll happen maybe every 20 shots or so, and it's really bothering me. I noticed a little with the 85% LO mods and also when I switched to 75% LO. It seems to happen...
  14. WTB - Prime PCXL #3 or #4 cams

    Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    I just traded a guy for a Prime Impact. Rightnow it has PCX #1 cams. I need #3 or #4. Is also like to go to the PCXL cam. Please let me know what you have.
  15. Auszugslänge Bowtech Specialist einstellen.

    Pfeil, Bogen und mehr!
    Hallo, ich habe mir für den Spaß einen gebrauchten Specialist geschnappert, nur ist der Auszug ein wenig lang eingestellt. Kann ich das Modul an der Cam auch ohne Bogenpresse lösen und so den Auszug neu einstellen? Oder muss ich in eine Bogenpresse? Wäre schön wenn mir da jemand helfen könnte...
  16. Setting carbon rose to 28"?

    General Archery Discussion
    My friend wants a carbon rose bow but she has a 28" draw length and the carbon rose advertises a max 27" draw length. If I take some twist out of the string and cables, can I get the bow to perform reliably at 28" of draw length, or is it not possible to squeeze 28" out of this bow?
  17. Help picking BOW PRESS and DRAW BOARD

    Archery Tools
    Hey folks, I am looking for information on various bow presses, draw boards and shooting systems such as the "Hooter Shooter." Let me know what you are using and what you prefer. I am looking to buy something soon, so any input would be appreciated. Thanks Camron
  18. Draw length question

    General Archery Discussion
    So I have a Mathews Chill X I set it up to where it feels pretty much spot on to me The only issue I am having is at full draw, when I am anchored and ready to look down the peep sight into the sight, it seems like I have to "tilt my head in to the right" just slightly to see straight thru the...
  19. Bowtech Allegiance EFA/ESM 4.5 / 5.0 MOD

    Want to buy or trade? WTB or WTT.
    Bowtech Allegiance Bow Need to change my draw to 26.5" or 27", looking for 4.5 or 5.0 EFA / ESM MOD Thanks in advance.
  20. 70lbs to 65lbs What to Expect Performance Wise

    General Archery Discussion
    Hoping to get some feedback from folks that have gone from shooting 70lbs bows down to 65lbs. I am considering taking the leap on my new bow and understand that I will probably lose around 10fps by doing so. Just looking to get some feedback on expectations and if you were satisfied with the...