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  1. 92Safari Pac-Press with ArcheryDesignz drawboard. Elite draw stops.

    General Archery Discussion
    I was of the understanding that the ArcheryDesignz Draw board would fit into the rectangular tubing of the Pac-Press. I ordered the drawboard but the rectangular pieces are to big to fit in the horizontal tubing of the press. What am I missing? Are they not compatiable? Is there a work...
  2. Bow Time Machine (BTM) Press

    Archery Tools
    I'm selling a lightly used Bow Time Machine press. Included are 3 different sets of fingers: one for bows with draw stops, one for bows without draw stops and Jim's newest fingers for use with Hoyt Defiant bows. Also comes with a mounting bracket for a table / wall and a drawboard hook. Selling...
  3. Bow Time Machine

    Accessories and General Hunting Items
    For sale is my bow time machine I bought in the beginning of December that I bought from Jim (Sootballs). It is his most up to date bow press, comes with standard fingers and also have the fingers for bows with draw stops. Also comes with drawboard hook and safety cord. Press is super easy...
  4. Diy x-press

    DIY Equipment
    Thanks to: cougarjim >>-whitetail-> thompsonsZ71 and others for posting and providing information to build the x style of press. Your pics and measurements were invaluable and proven to work. Still working on fabricating a set of usl adaptors and a stand for it. Can't put a price on...