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easton axis

  1. For Sale Easton Axis 5mm Match Grade (shafts by South Shore)

    Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    I have 10 Easton Axis 5mm Match Grade arrows for sale. They were cut and squared on both ends, spine indexed, and inserts were installed by South Shore Archery. I fletched 8 of the arrows and left two as bare shafts. Specs are as follows: - 10.7 gpi - cut 28.25” carbon to carbon - 50 grain...
  2. Need help with bitzenberger 5mm fletch

    General Archery Discussion
    Hey everyone, so I changed to Easton axis 5mm arrows this year and have been fletching with a 4 fletch right helical on the vanes. Problem is that I can’t seem to get the clamp on the bitzenberger to make good contact and hold the vanes tite to the arrow. It always seems to back off. Is it...
  3. Realm SR6 Arrow Setup

    Bowtech Archery Discussion
    I'm firmly stuck in the arrow selection rabbit hole. Interested to hear some experiences and setups. My SR6 is at 62 lbs peak draw, shooting 100g heads and 30" Easton Axis 340's. Looking at Easton's arrow chart, they put me in 260's or 300's for the Axis after you add 10 lbs for the SR6's...
  4. What size wraps for Easton axis 5mm

    General Archery Discussion
    Anyone know the OD or what size Bohning wraps for Easton axis 5mm?
  5. Easton Axis 5mm 340 adapter ring size?

    Broadhead Discussion
    So I ordered some #5 broad head adapter ringings for my Easton axis 5mm 340 spine arrows but they seem to large and hang over the shaft. Anyone know the correct size to order for these arrows?
  6. 100g or 125g for new heavy arrows

    Broadhead Discussion
    So I had a buddy of mine build me some Easton axis 5mm 340 arrows that are coming in around 500g with a 100g Broadhead (50g brass inserts). I was thinking of maybe ordered some Iron Will 125g heads but not sure. I’m not too sure about FOC and how it would effect these arrows. Really don’t...
  7. AAE Max Stealth 3 Fletch v.s 4 Fletch Results?

    General Archery Discussion
    I just got some Easton Axis 300 spine arrows in the other day and am excited to build up some hunting arrows. I'm running 50 grains of brass up front and a Bloodsport Gravedigger 100 grain broadhead as well. Would you see any advantages in using the AEE Max Stealth vanes in a 3 fletch or 4...
  8. EIGHT EASTON AXIS 300s, 30.25” CtoC ==> $55

    Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    For sale are eight (8) 2018 Easton Carbon Axis 300 arrows. Arrow shafts cut 30.5” from end of carbon to end of carbon. These are 6mm arrows, and feature the Under Armour color scheme. They are tough as nails and the perfect hunting/3d arrow for high performance and long life. Have Easton...
  9. Easton Axis 400 5mm

    Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    I have 6 Easton Axis 5mm arrows for sale. They are 400 spine. Three are pink and white while the other three are green and orange. They are in good condition. Measurements are 27 inches from the nock throat to the end. $50 shipped.
  10. Carbon vs Carbon/Aluminum

    General Archery Discussion
    Looking to get new arrows in preperation for this fall. Going back and forth between the Easton FMJ Pro and Easton Axis Pro. Whats the pros and cons of shooting carbon aluminum arrows and the same for full carbon. Thanks
  11. Nocturnal Size X helios vanes and lighted knocks green

    Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    New in package. Nocturnal X fits Gold Tip Kinetic, Eason Axis/FMJ, Trophy Ridge Arrows, Carbon Impact HOT, and Easton ACC with the X-Uni Bushing. Total of nine. $50 TYD Fastest way to get ahold of me is by text. 218-969-9two2six Thanks ~Spencer
  12. Arrows Axis Cabelas and Victory

    Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    (12) Cabelas Stalker extreme arrows along with (3) Victory Decimator arrows (same weight) all 500 spine and 25" carbon to noc groove $55 TYD (6) Easton Axis 400's 25" carbon to noc groove. 4 were custom built by south shore archery with max hunter vanes and 2 are camo with blazers $30 TYD...
  13. Dynamic calculator off or am I crazy?

    Traditional Archery
    I am a math teacher and this is driving me crazy so maybe you all can shed some light. I have a 35# @ 28" Omega Longbow. I have a set of Beman ICS bowhunters at 500 spine and 125 grain tips with 3x4" feathers. They get the job done. I never bareshaft tested them, but it got me thinking if they...
  14. Houston Archerslooking for 17/64 insert

    Traditional Archery
    Hello All, Is there anyone in the Houston area, cypress/katy preferably who has one 17/64 100 grain and 90 grain Easton RPS field point I could have or buy from you? I just need to test an Easton axis 600 shaft before I decide to return them, right now at 110 grains up front it is very weak...
  15. Easton axis/fmj spine question

    General Archery Discussion
    I shoot a pse evolve, pse dna, and mathews halon 6 all at 70lbs and 27 1/2" DL. I have always shot the Easton FMJs for hunting and 3d but want to switch to the carbon axis for 3d with the halon and just use the fmjs for hunting with the other 2 pse's. I have a bunch of these arrows all 400...
  16. 5 - Easton Axis 5MM 340 arrows

    Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Decided to go a different direction. One of these has been shot into a target and the other 4 are new never shot. Fletched with Blazer vanes and 28 3/4" from nock valley to carbon end. Asking $50 TYD For fastest response of questions please text me at 512-799-7796 Thank you, Michael
  17. Easton axis 340

    Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    Looking to buy some Easton axis 340- must be at least 30" carbon to carbon Thanks
  18. Gold Tip Pierce OR Easton Axis

    General Archery Discussion
    Considering going back to a good penetration small diameter hunting arrow The two that I have in consideration are the Gold Tip Pierce and the Easton Axis I have used the Easton Axis in the past with good results. But the new gold tip Pierce caught my eye. I have read a few bad things about...
  19. Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Advice

    Hoyt Archery Discussion
    Hey yall, super excited to be part of the Archery Talk community. I recently purchased a long time love, the gamemaster2 and I am beyond excited. I plan on using it for bow hunting in the fall but I think the overall poundage is getting to me. It has 60# limbs on it at the moment and I think I...
  20. easton axis 400 arrows

    Arrows, Broadheads, Quivers and Arrow Components
    for sale 11 easton axis 400 spine arrows. 27 1/8 carbon to carbon. arrows have points, pin knocks, fletched ane pro max vanes. arrows are in good shape. 75$ no trades also for sale have 12 easton x7 eclipse black shafts 2613. arrows comes with points. one arrow needs fletched good shape arrows...