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  1. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Looking for an 08.5 Z28. Right hand needed. Draw length doesn’t matter, I have a set of cams for my draw length. Bare bow is just fine, also. Thanks in advance, everyone.
  2. Elite Archery Discussion
    Are there any Elite "historians" that can tell me the difference between an 08', 08.5', and 09' Z28's? I have a Z28 that has Z series cams (modular cams), and string specs too match the Z-series / 2009 Z28. However but the limbs max'd out were only pulling 65# (and my buddy swore this was a...
  3. Hunting Bows
    I am selling my 2009 Elite Z28 in realtree ap bare bow. The bow has 60-70lbs limbs that are currently set at 70lbs with a 28" draw. This bow is in great shape and only has a few marks from where it was used. I have a set of custom strings on the bow with a kisser button and rear peep but I will...
  4. Hunting Bows
    2010 Elite Z28 RH 70lb 29DL Snow Camo Trophy Taker Drop Zone rest Apex 3 pin sight Octane 6 arrow quiver Stab D-loop and Peep This bow is in like new condition....great shape. Very well taken care of. Bow will be timed and tuned before it leaves. It's a shooter for sure. $450 TYD. Paypal...
  5. Hunting Bows
    Model).New 2010 Elite Z28 DR Weight).60-70 DR Length).30" Cam).Z Module).#1 Axle to Axle).32.25" Brace Height).7.75 Price).$400.00 Shipping).Free ground shipping to the lower 48 states. Payment).We do accept PAYPAL and MONEY ORDERS ONLY. Contact). If you have any questions contact me...
  6. Hunting Bows
    i have a 2009 elite z28. strings and cables in good condition. 3 pin truglow sight and g5 dropaway rest and limbsaver modular stabilizer. selling all together for $500.00. just the bow for $400.00 must go willing to negotiate on the price. bow is in excellent condition.
  7. Hunting Bows
    For sale... 2010 Elite Z28. Selling because its time to upgrade. This is a great shooting bow and comes with the Elite Warranty. Draw length- 29" Draw Weight- 70lbs. Pictured with ripcord arrow rest, HHA sight, matching Elite Stabalizer. Full set up for $600, bare bow for $425 TYD.
  8. General Archery Discussion
    hi guys, finally I got my new bow home, but almost dry fired it when trying it out (just wanted to see how it draws, and when letting off I got a bit surprised, so the initial pull was quite fast and the bottom cable got derailed. Do you think it's possible to get the cable back, and how should...
  9. Hunting Bows
    For sale is an authentic 2009 Elite Z28 selling as bare bow. I am the original owner and the bow was mailed directly to my dealer from Elite and has lifetime warranty, I can send pics of serial number via txt or email. It has #4Z cams making it a 28.5 inch draw. It has 70lb limbs. Bow has solid...
  10. Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    I am looking for a new or like new elite z28 no color preferences 28"-29" draw 60# max limbs
  11. Hunting Bows
    Excellent Condition, Right Hand, APG Camo Riser, Black 50# Limbs, 27" Draw Mod $450. TYD
  12. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    I'm looking to upgrade once again this year so I'm putting my bow up for trade again, dl goes from 24-30" , 60-70 lbs. I would like to trade for a Elite Judge, Z28, and Strother sr-71. Must be 60-70 lbs and 27'' draw also. Pic's of the bow are in my album, this bow is in mint condition 9/10...
  13. Hunting Bows
    Elite Fire AT / 26.5" / 50 to 60# Bow is in excellent condition, no scratches Bare bow w/ g5 peep $425 tyd I will post pics later today
  14. Hunting Bows
    2009 Elite Z28 for sale. All black (Ninja). Bow is in excellent shape and is like new. 60 lb draw weight. 28" draw length. Bow comes with original papers/manual. You can't beat the Elite Promise. Every bow is under warranty no matter the owner. Check it out at this link...
  15. Hunting Bows
    I am selling a like new, elite Z28 right handed bow. It is only one year old and has absolutely nothing wrong with it. This is guaranteed one of the best bows on the market. It has a 29" draw length set at 70 lbs. Axle to axle is 32.5", brace height is 7.75", and only weighs 4 lbs. It is a very...
  16. Hunting Bows
    My sweetheart Z28 has to go as I have to help pay my mom's bills for her cancer treatments, I didnt want to post that, but someone will ask why am I selling it.:( It is RH, G1 camo, 60#, 28.5" draw length cams, has Proline string/cables with halo servings (like new) on it, Quad limb savers also...
  17. Hunting Bows
    Just had new 29" cams put on bow. Right hand 60#. Black riser with camo limbs. Bow is very clean and in excellent condition. Bow has been shot very little. Other than a small ding, as shown in bottom picture, this bow is flawless. NO wear anywhere. Interested bows for trade listed in WTT...
  18. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    I have a 70 lb. Z-28 in Realtree camo. I am looking for a pair of 70 lb. limbs in Black for sale or that they would trade for the camo ones. The limb deflection for 70 lbs on the Z is 90. Thanks
  19. General Archery Discussion
    I am not brand loyal. I have tried at 11 bows last year and none have been as close to perfect as the ELITE Z 28 . Guys you really need to look at this bow and company. I got this bow to see what all the hype was about. My intentions were to get the alphamax this year but instead the I got the...
1-19 of 23 Results