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  1. Tapatalk cannot open threads any more!

    Community Help
    Something that changed on the forum has broken Tapatalk and now threads can no longer be opened. The error message: 'Call to a member function fetch_instance() on a non-object (get_thread.php(540) : eval()'d code: 3)' A bit of research gives this...
  2. Error opening certain areas of the forum

    Community Help
    General Search (on submit) and Post Areas tab in my profile: Also I noticed that the tabs in my profile don't initialize until My Activity tab is opened. 1 - Go to my profile - everything is blank 2 - Click on any tab but My Activity - everything is still blank 3 - Click on My Activity tab -...
  3. Problem with writing a review

    Community Help
    I first signed up on archery talk today and am already experiencing an annoying problem. as you can see i am logged in to write this thread but when i click on "reviews" i somehow get signed out and when i try to login to write a review i enter my correct username and password but it says "No...