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  1. LH Hoyt or Barnsdale 45”+ axle to axle

    WTB/WTT Left Handed Bows
    Wanted to buy left handed Hoyt or Barnsdale with at least 45” A2A .
  2. Hoyt Protec RH For Sale

    10 Year/Older (Vintage) Compound Bows, Accessories
    I have a 2004 protec for sale. 50-60#, 25.5-28" DL, slight scuff on bottom limb from bow stand. Price is $350 TYD, if you are in Canada I'll do $325. I will add photos this afternoon.
  3. Pressing past parallel bows

    DIY Equipment
    I was thinkering on how you can be able to release pressure from the bow limbs without buying special press. Unfortunately I do not own any past parallel bows but I will place some sketches here so who ever have one might try that. What I was thinking is to place two pulleys on the bow and use...
  4. DIY Press fingers

    DIY Equipment
    Hi Guys, I have put up a video of how I make my bow press fingers. Hopefully some of you might find this helpful
  5. Ditching the Compound and Going Traditional (for good) Advice Requested

    Traditional Archery
    I am hoping some traditional archers can advise me on building my rig, and shooting/hunting techniques. I am a self-taught archer. I've had 6 successful seasons with the (58lb) compound - clean, multiple kills year after year. In the off-season, I've been shooting a cheap (40lb) horse bow, off...
  6. Left and Right handed Hoyts adult & youth

    Target Bows
    Here it is smoking deal, I dont want to deal with selling each one. THIS IS A GROUP PACKAGE. Paypal only. HOYT Left hand Trykon JR Black out 30 pounds draw length 17-25. side grip off-shoots better. very good condition Left Hand Avenger Plus Anodized Blue Fusion. cam and half plus.40 pounds...
  7. Indian Recurve, 45lb draw. Comes with 4 arrows. $100

    Traditional Gear For Sale or Trade
    indian recurve bow with for wood grain gold tip arrows. asking $100. Pictures and more info available upon request.
  8. Oneida with fingers?

    Oneida Archery Discussion
    How are the Oneidas with fingers? I know they have good numbers tip to tip, but the way the limbs break over it looks like you might get finger pinch. Anyone with experience here? Keep in mind I have a 31" draw.
  9. Linear press fingers and blocks

    Accessories and General Hunting Items
    Linear bow press fingers and blocks I have an extra set of these that I did not use if anybody wants them. PM me!
  10. DIY X-Press with Adjustable “FINGERS”

    DIY Equipment
    Made this X-press style a couple years back using Cougar Jim’s X-press plans that are available here and on Youtube with a simple search. Very detailed step by step process that saved myself a lot of time. I did however modify a few things to suit myself. I like the security when pressing with...
  11. For Sale 2008 Hoyt Reflex Caribou 60-70/29" Great for Fingers or Release

    Hunting Bows
    For Sale 2008 Hoyt Reflex Caribou 60-70/29" Great for Fingers or Release I am selling my 2008 Hoyt Reflex Caribou. It has 60-70# draw weight, and a fixed (Wheel and a Half) draw length of 29”. This is a great bow for finger shooting, with an ATA of c. 45”. The bow and strings are in mint...
  12. Practicing, String, Fingers, Problem

    Traditional Archery
    To start off I just got my first long bow so I'm a novice to any Traditional archery. I get most of my info from Dav on the youtube channel The Pathfinder School LLC. 1) First I use a Hand crafted American long bow 68 inches 28/50lbs here is a picture if it works 2) Here are the gloves I was...
  13. 2004 Bowtech Pro 40 L.H 29" 60-70# like brand new!

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    For sale is a 2004 Left Handed Bowtech Pro 40. I beleive its a 29 in draw?? it has the F4 module on it, 60-70#. This bow is in exceptional shape and will not last long. First $150 plus shipping takes it! email or call for more details [email protected] or 248-505-2949 Here are the specs...
  14. Boat Rollers for DIY Bow Press?

    DIY Equipment
    Hey all, I've been thinking about making my own bow press, and I'm noticing that a lot of people have been having problems securing fingers for their presses. So, my question is, would it be possible to use something like this...
  15. Reflex Caribou

    Target Bows
    I have a 2007 Reflex Caribou with accuwheels for sale. Bow is 29-32 inch drawlegth (adjustable by half inch) and 60-70 pounds. It has a cavalier flipper rest. $350 delivered, or will accept cash and a trade of a 4-5 pin hunting sight or quiver. PM for additional pictures or questions...
  16. Reflex Caribou

    Hunting Bows
    I have a reflex caribou for sale that was bought in 2007 just after the caribou starting using accuwheels. Bow is 60-70 lbs and adjustable 29-32 inch draw length. Draw length is adjustable by the half inch without a bow press. Great finger bow with a 45 inch axle to axle and a huge brace...
  17. My bow press revision 2

    DIY Equipment
    Ok, some of you on here know my work. I have pics on my profile page of my linear press. I made this press before I became a member of AT. I had no idea that all this information was available. So after reading and seeing some of your finger designs with their plus and minuses, mine included...
  18. Finger shooting with a Martin S4 Scepter?

    General Archery Discussion
    Thinking about buying a Martin S4 scepter, heard they are a great bow, and would work perfect for a finger shooting dude. Wonder if the shoot through cables would work okay, considering arrow paradox, or if it has to be set up with standard cables and a cable guard... any experience with this...