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fire cat

  1. 08 Martin Fire Cat Pro-X 60lbs.

    Hunting Bows
    Looking to get rid of a 60lbs. 2008 Martin Fire Cat Pro-X in mint condition. The bow has adjustable mods which go from 26"-29". I also just installed a new set of Stage 1 Strings and cables and a ram radius cable slide. The cams and limbs are free from any nicks or dings. $400.00 tyd Limb...
  2. What quiver on a FireCAT?

    General Archery Discussion
    I used my old Bohning quiver the other day on my FireCAT. It sits too low on the riser and causes my nocks to protrude below my bottom cam. I am now looking for a more compatible quiver for my FC. What quivers are you fellas dressin' your CATs in? show some pix if you have them. Thanks...