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  1. Bow Tuning
    Hello, I can be wrong, but I think that I always place the cables with the crossing above the rod in my Bowtech Sentinel FLX. I've been seeing many pictures in internet and all of them show the crossing above the rod. However in my last tuning, I set the crossing below the rod, as usually...
  2. General Archery Discussion
    I'll admit, I always thought the newer bows were the absolute best since they had the "best" technology. I recently bought my iceman off the classifieds and I can tell you now, I will most likely never part with it! Smooth, vibe free, extremely accurate, practically noise free. How can a 5 year...
  3. WTB/WTT Left Handed Bows
    To the community: Looking to buy a LH 2010 Bowtech Sentinel FLX. Riser, Limbs, and Cams need to be good. I'll take care of everything else. I'll buy one loaded or bare. Color does not matter. If you have what I need shoot me a price. Thanks. Zach
  4. Hunting Bows
    New from Diamond Dealer, I believe it was a display bow But is in New Condition. This is the improved 2010 model with the FLX string guide. 50-60# limbs. $499 tyd
  5. Target Bows
    CHERRY, like new sentinel, all black, flx. awesome bow. 475.00 tyd, plus fees if you paypal. [email protected] for pictures
  6. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    I am looking for an Admiral FLX. I have a Diamond Deadeye I would trade or PM me with what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks
  7. Hunting Bows
    Looking to trade for an Elite Answer/Pulse/Pure/Hunter or a Destroyer 350. The Admiral currently is set at 28", has a truglo 4 pin sight, Limbdriver Pro V rest, g5 peep, and d-loop. Strings are still in good shape but have been shot about 500 times. This bow is incredibly accurate and fun to...
  8. Target Bows
    ForSale is a 2010 Blue Flamed Bowtech Sentinel FLX bow only. 50-60 lbs limbs, adjustable draw length. Bow is in great shape and only has one mark on the front of the grip which is rubbed by my wedding ring (as shown in pic). I am selling the bow bare. Asking $550 TYD insured and tracking info...
  9. Hunting Bows
    2010 Diamond Black Ice FLX EXCELLENT CONDITION Bought this for a backup bow for the 2010 season. Never needed to use it. No need to keep it. ONLY 10 arrows through it. Brace Height 7 1/4" Axle to Axle 31 3/4" Draw Length 25" - 30" Draw Weights 70 IBO Speed 310 - 318 fps Kinetic Energy 78.6...
  10. Hunting Bows
    Realtree Hardwoods Green. I've had this bow since January, so all I've done is target shoot with field time. Right now the draw is set at 29"/60 lbs. Current set up is for instinctive, finger shooting, but I also have a 4" Fuse Axiom stabilizer in Realtree APG, and a G5 Optix XR2 sight...
  11. General Archery Discussion
    Just want to see some pics of what it looks like. Appreciate it :)
1-11 of 11 Results