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  1. Are you familiar with the CBE Tek Hybrid Pro sight?

    General Archery Discussion
    Working with my wife sighting in her Bowtech Fuel, 40 lbs, 25.5 DL, 223 fps (chrono), 287 gn GT Velocity 600 arrows. Peep to Sight Pin: 26.25" Peep to Arrow: 3.875" Sighted in @ 30 & 60 yards, marked the blank tape for both yardages, used the CBE sight gauge to determine tape number. No such...
  2. Best Crossbow Under $400 ?

    Crossbow Forum - General Crossbow Discussion
    Alright, so my compound broke and after spooking an 8 point while drawing with a winter coat on, I am going to try out a crossbow this year. I have narrowed it down to four different kinds, based on research. Curious what you all recommend. --Spoiler: I'm leaning towards the Killer Instinct...
  3. Steve Abbott longbow approx. brace height and IBO?

    Bow Tuning
    Anyone else own one of these nice custom longbows and know approx. brace height and approx. IBO? With the not too recent passing of Mr. Abbott (RIP Feb, 2014) an incredibly talented master Bowyer, I haven’t had success reaching anyone there to find out what the brace height or IBO would be for...
  4. How to calculate IBO or FPS without a chronograph?

    General Archery Discussion
    The specs on my Mathews Jewel bow says IBO is up to 325 FPS with #60 bow @ 29 inches. My Jewel is set to approx. #56 and my draw is 26 inches. Is there a way to calculate approx. IBO with these details without a chrono? Also, the specs on my APA Sidewinder says the IBO is up to 318, but I can’t...
  5. Affect of Poundage/FPS on Slider Sights

    General Archery Discussion
    Will my low-poundage / low-FPS affect my choices when it comes to purchasing / enjoying a single-pin slider sight? I'm interested in being able to reach out to 80 yards or even 100+ — mainly for the sake of fun and shoots like the Total Archery Challenge. Right now, I pull back #58 (I could...
  6. Mission Hype DT Chronograph Speeds

    Mission Archery Discussion
    Does anyone have any chrono data on their Mission Hype DT? I have these data points, but was looking for a couple more: # - Draw - Gr - fps 70 - 30 - 385 - 281 70 - 30 - 500 - 248 60 - 30 - 385 - 252 60 - 30 - 500 - 222
  7. For Sale Bear Motive 6 + acces. pkg

    Maple Leaf Classified Ads
    Selling my 4 year old, 70 pound, Bear motive 6 flagship compound bow. It is currently set for a 29" draw but can be modified. This is a very fast and accurate bow (IBO 350 FPS). Although I love this bow, the reason i'm selling is that i'm simply looking to go to a lighter 60# draw weight...
  8. Barnett Ghost 385 CRT

    Crossbows for Sale or Trade
    Bought this and ended up receiving another Barnett crossbow for my anniversary. So figured it can't hurt to sell it. Brand new, never shot. Will come in original box, not assembled to ensure safer delivery. Model 78320 Barnett Ghost 385 CRT 385 FPS 185lb Carbonlite riser with integrated...
  9. Arrows for a Mathews Heli-M 29"/#70

    General Archery Discussion
    I am getting a Mathews Heli-M that I will be hunting whitetail with and I'm looking for advice on an arrow that will give me ample knockdown power** but also good speed** (3oofps+). Again I shoot 29" draw length at 70lbs. Any suggestion would be great!! ~MOOSE
  10. Speed nock experts...Question for you

    General Archery Discussion
    I'm sure the speed nock question has been hammered into the ground and all the posts I found were general "do they work" & in my experience from playing around with them on my bows they work for me. Now the question I have is; I am setting up two bows for some youth and one of the yutes...
  11. Help deciding on arrows

    General Archery Discussion
    So I went to my local archery shop and had them see which arrows tune best to my bow. I currently have the Prime alloy with the PCXL cams. My buddy had me try the easton fmj injexion. When they did the test, they recommended the Goldtip XT hunters, Carbon Express Red 250 (with additonal...
  12. Same Ol' Insanity speed question~How fast and do you have any tweaks

    General Archery Discussion
    Here's the deal, I gave up 3D in the late 90's and was still rocking my High Counrty that I bought new when (I thought) they ruled the bow world for hunting. Well I decided to to get back into it and can not believe what all I remember but my 90's knowledge is as outdated as the old bow. Heres...
  13. PSE Phenom Cam Description

    General Archery Discussion
    HI, I've got a PSE Phenom and I'm looking at Easton Arrows, the online shaft selector mentions Hard, Medium or Soft Cams when selecting arrows. Does anybody know what best describes this bow? It's set on 28" draw at 45lbs can someone help with the FPS from this also? PSE contact us is a waste...
  14. PSE Phenom Cam Description

    Bow Tuning
    HI, I've got a PSE Phenom and I'm looking at Easton Arrows, the online shaft selector mentions Hard, Medium or Soft Cams when selecting arrows. Does anybody know what best describes this bow? It's set on 28" draw at 45lbs can someone help with the FPS from this also? PSE contact us is a waste...
  15. Need Help with my Hoyt Spyder Turbo Speed

    General Archery Discussion
    I bought a used Hoyt Spyder Turbo for $525 from someone on AT last fall. When I got it, I noticed all the Hoyt factory stickers were not on the bow. Being new to archery, I did not think much about it, I rocked on. One day I checked the speed at a local archery shop and it was about 15 fps...
  16. G5 speed studs

    General Archery Discussion
    Does anyone have information on these? Can they really give you an extra 10 fps? If so.. How?
  17. Strike Eagle with Rage Broadheads

    Oneida Archery Discussion
    I am going to deer hunt with my Strike Eagle this year and I am reading online that you should only use expandable broadheads, such as the Rage broadhead, if your bow shoots over 270fps. I haven't had mine chronographed, but its a long draw set at 70lbs. Anyone have specs on how their Strike...
  18. FPS or draw weight?

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    I am still new to the archery so sorry for the beginner question. when i look at bows it always says the FPS and then gives a list a draw weights. I am wondering doesn't the fps depend on how heavy the draw weight is? plus when your hunting dont you want your arrow traveling as fast as it canto...
  19. HCA X-treme over 400fps?

    High Country Archery Discussion
    So I've been doing some research on bows because I'm in the market for a new one, and I came across the HCA X-treme. On the website it claims if you shoot their speed pro arrows you could see speeds at just over 400fps. While this is a huge claim, I worry about how brutal this is on the bow...
  20. PSE thunderbolt FPS way low

    General Archery Discussion
    I am shooting a PSE Thunderbolt its says the IBO speed is around 278 or 300 depending on which version you have. I'm not sure which mine is but my bow is set at 70lbs with 29 inch draw and on the chrono reading I shot 184 fps. This seems very low to me anyone know what might be causing this. The...