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  1. FrankenBow - The Valon

    General Archery Discussion
    Okay people.. I’ve made multiple inquiries over the past 6 months regarding different aspects of potentially building a FrankenBow out of my VXR and some Wake limbs. Turned out I was able to use halon limbs in place of those and they were much easier to source, thanks to @theruler4454. So here...
  2. Bow Madness XL UF (Omen XL)

    Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    Finally got around to doing a long A/A, long brace height, and potentially long draw length UF cam bow. I used a Bow Madness riser, 899 - 20 deflection limbs (70 lb 2009-2010 Omen limbs) and 26" Omen UF cams. Specs: 37-5/8" A/A 7-1/8" Brace Height 66 lbs Max (limb bolts not bottomed. Foam...
  3. PSE Decree GX-35

    Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    So far, it's looking really nice. I was aiming for a 60 lb bow and hit 57.5 lbs max with 24 Deflection limbs. Once I put the limb shims in, It'll be 60 lbs. I'm loving the way the draw cycle feels. String: 64 7/8" Buss: 37 1/16" Control: 39 3/4" I have not been able to get my hands on...
  4. SAS/ Martin Frankenbow (60#, ready for string)

    Women's and Youth Bows
    SAS Scorpii with Martin Dynacam. 60#, 28" ATA, 27.5" DL. This is also listed in the hunting bow section. Details and pics:
  5. SAS/ Martin Frankenbow (60#, ready for string)

    Hunting Bows
    This is an SAS Scorpii with a DynaCam from a 2004 Martin Jaguar. I shortened the ATA from 29" to 28" which put the peak DW up to about 60# with a 7.5" BH. It comes with an F-5 module (which maxes out at about 27.5" DL) and an F-1 (about 23.5" if the Martin tune charts hold true). So if you...
  6. Binary Hoyt Frankenbow....

    Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    Anybody ever convert a Hoyt into a binary cam setup? Have a set of Elite cams, maybe trying to take a Hoyt Spyder and outfitting it..... Anybody's thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. The PSE GEN-X is here!

    Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    PSE GEN-X..... the speed bow you never saw coming! Well, my hunch turned out to be right. The GX cams just needed to be on a Center Pull Riser! I finally got around to doing this cam swap I had been mulling over ever since I came across a photo of a guy at full draw with his X-Force GX...
  8. PSE Vectra = DNA with HD cams.

    PSE Archery Discussion
    Until tonight, I didn't know PSE made a bow for Sportsman's Warehouse by putting HD cams on a redesigned (lengthened?) DNA riser in 2018. Same 961 limbs, so it's good components. They modified the DNA riser so that it makes a 32" A/A bow with the 961 limbs. I like the sound of that and really...
  9. Slight Miscalculation with my Retro Frankenbow

    Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    So, my brilliant idea was to make a vintage finger shooter using parts from some of my favorite old bows. Specifically check out this mix: Riser: Pearson Spoiler Limbs: Jennings Buckmaster Cams: Hoyt Command Cams I stripped and then drilled out the recesses in the riser, then had it powder...
  10. 30" RH PSE Full Throttle cams (#10) LIKE NEW!

    Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    I have a set of 30" (#10) RH Full Throttle cams in like new condition. No dings or scratches! Draw stops not included. 80532RT10 80532RB10 I'll take $87.50 TYD for them PayPal. Price Firm.
  11. The PSE GX TWIN CAM is here!

    PSE Archery Discussion
    I put my PSE Twin GX cam Frankenbow together tonight. Buss cables on BOTH ENDS! It has a Right Handed bottom GX cam on the bottom and a Left Handed Bottom GX Cam on the top. Both cams have a .010" spacer on the cable guard side and a .110" and a .025" spacer in the arrow shelf side. Both cams...
  12. The PSE GX TWIN CAM is here!

    Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    I put my PSE Twin GX cam Frankenbow together tonight. Buss cables on BOTH ENDS! It has a Right Handed bottom GX cam on the bottom and a Left Handed Bottom GX Cam on the top. Both cams have a .010" spacer on the cable guard side and a .110" and a .025" spacer in the arrow shelf side. Both...
  13. Wrath SHO with Obseesion Fusion Defcon CAMS String and Cable lengths advice

    General Archery Discussion
    Want to put a Obsession Fusion or Defcon Cam on a Strothers Wrath SHO. ATA is 32 1/4 to 30 3/16. The Cam string and cable take up uses 0.687 in and 0.249 more for the Wrath SHO. The Wrath SHO has a Limb Deflection of 76 for the 60# limbs. Don't know what the Limb Deflection is for the Obsession...
  14. TWO-CAM bow with Dual Yokes - RH bottom GX cam on bottom + LH bottom GX cam on top?

    Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    As I was sitting here thinking how much I miss the old Frankenbow discussions and photos, I was looking at one of my PSE GX's, and started thinking.... With the GX (hybrid) cams, now that we have some center-pull bows to work with, why couldn't we take a Right Handed GX bottom cam and put it on...
  15. Omen - hf6 (7370 cam) frankenbow

    PSE Archery Discussion
    The Omen has 28" cams (2+" too short for me), the other X-force (hf6 ?) has 7370 cams which seem to have a good reputation, so why not swap cams? Can't find 30" Omen cams or a Full Throttle I can afford anyway. BUT... --With the .5" longer ATA that the Omen has, will the poundage increase more...
  16. Full Throttle with Evolve EC or SE cams?

    Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    I wouldn't mind having something like the Xpedite, bot don't like the weight of the Xpedite. I'm looking at the possibility of trying a Full Throttle with EC or SE Evolve cams. I have only seen a photo of a Full Throttle with Evolve cams, but never read anything about how one turned out...
  17. Carbon Air FT

    Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    I really hated to take the HD cams off my Carbon Air, but I couldn't resist the temptation to put Full Throttle cams on it. I've been planning to do this for a while. So far I am happy with the way it turned out. The specs were spot on. Thanks to Breathn for telling me what size cams I...
  18. PSE Vendetta XL UF - Better late then never!

    Frankenbow Archery Discussion
    PSE Vendetta XL UF I was told the 28" was the shortest I could get out of this combo, but I managed to get it a little shorter. It should be close to perfect for my draw length once I put the limb shims on it. Specs as she is now: 35-7/16" A/A 6-7/8" Brace Height Max weight: 53 lbs Limbs...
  19. Revenge W/UF CAMPS Frankenbow Help

    Bow Tuning
    I know I can probably scour the forums and eventually find what I need but to save myself time and my sanity I will post some questions here in hopes of some kind folks to help me out. I have 26.5" UF cams I want to put on my old Revenge. My first question is what limbs/deflection will I need...
  20. Need help! Old cams, old tune chart?

    Hoyt Technical Forum
    Okay, I posted this in the general archery forum but now I think I've narrowed it down to Hoyt products, so here we are. I THINK these cams came off a Hoyt/Easton Ram Hunter, actually from this post: Can anyone give me more info? Do I...