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  1. Target Bows
    Martin S4 Scepter Elite Red target bow. Or not bad 3D bow also. Furious cams, very smooth and fast cams. I believe the riser is 2009, the limbs are 2012. 43" ATA. Brace 8". Draw length adjustable 26-31, weight. 50 lb limbs. A little more at longer lengths. A real shooter. Bow is very good...
  2. Target Bows
    For anyone who wants to tinker and put together an S4 or franken bow this ad is for you. I have the following S4 parts that I would like to get rid of all at once. -S4 chrome riser -Pair of 4H limbs (40lbs I believe) -Pair of Furious XL cams -Pair of Furious small cams (unmarked but they are...
1-2 of 2 Results