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  1. Treestands & Ground Blinds
    Has anyone been having issues with the stealth cam Fusion X cameras downloading videos. The picture come in without a problem just like my regular fusions but whenever I select to download a video it takes days attempting to download them saying “video will be downloaded on next sync” and after...
  2. Game Cameras
    As the season is growing closer has anyone else’s stealth cams uploading less frequent when they’re supposed to? I have 6 stealth cam fusions out and am getting spotty uploads to what seems to be more and more as the season approaches. Summer time they work like tops never missing an upload...
  3. General Archery Discussion
    Want to put a Obsession Fusion or Defcon Cam on a Strothers Wrath SHO. ATA is 32 1/4 to 30 3/16. The Cam string and cable take up uses 0.687 in and 0.249 more for the Wrath SHO. The Wrath SHO has a Limb Deflection of 76 for the 60# limbs. Don't know what the Limb Deflection is for the Obsession...
1-3 of 86 Results