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  1. Bowfishing
    anyone know of some creeks or places i can bowfish from shore? im near athens GA. any help is apreciated
  2. Bowfishing
    The lows were in the thirties, and the water temps still being quite warm, caused an unbelievable fog-bank after midnight. Scary as heck riding around on an airboat, most of the time we moved around the main channel at just a fast-idle. Due to the chocolate milk-colored water in the creeks we...
  3. Bowfishing
    The gar here in Tennessee are starting to run in groups of a larger female followed by several smaller males. The water temps are pushing 64 degrees, so we should have some excellent outings the next few trips to the lakes. Here is a decent female I shot, she was in such a group as mentioned...
  4. Bowfishing
    Nope, not a five footer like Lefty's post, but 59 inches and 29 lbs. Another inch or five more pounds and I would have put her on the wall. First shot at a fish for the year. Found several other good ones with the smallest we shot being 53 inches.
1-4 of 4 Results