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  1. Hunting Bows
    I am putting my Genetix up for sale. This is a really sweet bow that is in excellent condition. I've decided that it's time to go 60# draw. This Genetix has a predator 3d riser and black solid limbs. New Breed bows have a lifetime transferrable warranty. Bow will come with peep sight...
  2. Hunting Bows
    New Breed Genetix: 2011, solid limb, 55# limbs , 28" mods. Measured weight =57#, Measured draw length = 28 3/8". 452x cables and string: no fraying, no serving seperation- great shape. I bought this bow new in Late November of 2011. Set it up, tuned, and then only used it for hunting in 2012...
  3. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    $25 tyd
  4. Women's and Youth Bows
  5. Hunting Bows
    2010 NBA Genetix , set at 29", non-modular cam. Great shooting, I like the bow, just would like to try a Invasion or insanity I believe. I will add cash for the right deal. I'd consider selling the bare bow for 425.00 shipped to conus. It has Johns custom strings and cables on it. 60-70...
  6. Hunting Bows
    2012 New Breed Lycan 40-50 pound draw with Bionix 2.0 SL Cams set at 26.5", it is adjustable 24.5-26.5 with mods. Excellent Condition. Has set screw mark from rest $525 tyd
  7. Hunting Bows
    Mint 2012 New Breed Lycan 40-50 pound draw set at 26.5", it is adjustable 24.5-26.5 with mods. $525 tyd bare bow only. Pics Coming Soon
  8. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Excellent Conditon, removed from a 2012 Lycan. The SL Base Cams are the Small Cams for the Shorter Draws. Lycan-these are good for 24.5"-26.5" Draw. Genetix-these are good for 25"-27" Draw. $89tyd
  9. Hunting Bows
    2010 New Breed Gentix Split limb Right Handed Draw: 28.5" (I have 29.5" Cam also) (draw specific cam) LB: Strong 60lb (max at 64lb on my scale, Backed all way out 54lb) Camo: Next Bonz Riser with Black Limbs Bowjax limb dampners 33.5" A2A 7" BH IBO: 345 FPS Price: $410 TYD Payment Method...
  10. Hunting Bows
    Don't really want to do it but it's time to go to 60#. I have a mint condition 2012 Genetix. Bow has a predator camo riser with black solid limbs. Will come with peep, loop, Ridgerunner sling. HHA sight could also be included. Bow is in excellent condition and has a lifetime transferable...
  11. Strings, cams, modules and limbs
    Excellent to Mint Condition. They will fit other manufacturers as well like Quest, Ross, Elite, Athens. They are the standard size 13" x 1.5" wide Barnsdale limbs. Of coarse the draw weight will vary on different setups. $100 tyd
  12. Hunting Bows
    This Genetix is like New. One hunting season on her. 60# draw, 28.5" DL, right handed, regular sized Bionix 2.0 cams, vista camo riser w/ black limbs, 33" A2A, 7" BH, $500 bare bow w/ meta peep through paypal. Good luck!
  13. Bow Tuning
    Does anybody have a timing chart for the limb stops for a 2010 Genetix with the Bionix 1.0 cam. I have a 28" cam and i dont mind extra holding weight.
  14. Wisconsin
    I am wondering if anyone has be interested in shooting a New Breed Bow because if you have been I can bring some along to have you shoot. I am a New Breed Dealer in Sheboygan WI and I have some in the store along with the ones we will be shooting at state. We will be bringing a Cyborg, Eclipse...
  15. Want to buy (WTB) or Want to trade (WTT) Bows?
    Interested in buying a New Breed Genetix RH - 28"-28.5" draw length - prefer 60lb, will consider 70lb. Let me know what you've got. Thanks.
  16. Target Bows
    For Sale 2011 New Breed Genetix Right Handed 25" Draw Length 60 pound max Matte Black New Strings with less than 100 shots (452x with halo, Pink/Natural) Split Limb I will post pictures of this bow later tonight $500.00 tyd UPS insured with signature upon delivery
  17. Hunting Bows
    2010 New breed genetix samurai 27.5 dl 60-70 lb draw. Bow comes fully loadEd. Includes HHA single pin slider sight, QAD HD PRO rest, Stokerized stab, and 10 beman arrows. $650 tyd. Pay pal or money order. I cant upload pics right now not sure why. I can text photos or send in email if...
  18. Hunting Bows
    2012 New Breed Eclipse 28.5" Draw, 60 lb, Black Riser, Camo Limbs Right Handed $620 TYD Bow is in excellent shape. Used it for 3D this last year and what a great bow! Small mark where sight was and under shelf from grip. Only selling because I bought a new 2013 New Breed Eclipse. Great...
  19. Hunting Bows
    Looking to trade my Darton 3800 for a New Breed bow. Let me know what you have. Also open to other bows POSSIBLY! Darton 3800: 29" Draw 60lb Limbs Black rise and camo limbs Bow is very smooth and fast. Will post a picture soon. Sorry I don't have one yet. THANK YOU!
  20. Hunting Bows
    New Breed Genetix 29" 70# right handedwith Vaportrail strings and original set as well also comes with a G5 Expert II fall away asking $550 tyd.
21-40 of 51 Results