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  1. FS Hoyt charger Black 2014 model (no plastic!)

    Hunting Bows
    Like new. Bought for the girlfriend but she's a daisy.... .its been hanging in the closet for overy a year waiting away.... has #2 cam set at 26.5" Draw Length , DW is 50-60 lb. It's has less than 100 shots on the odometer. (Used at the range 2x) 400 meet up / local pick up /cash in so cal...
  2. 2014 hoyt ignite vicxen model rh like new looking for bear apprentice 2 or 3

    Women's and Youth Bows
    bought new in june but gf had to have surgery so only been hunted with 8 times. its black with carbon fiber limbs vicxen signature series. rh 15-50" draw length, 20-70 lb draw weight. its black and pink has a trophy ridge black and pink whisker bisc, trophy ridge black and pink static...
  3. recommendations for release for beginner?

    General Archery Discussion
    I am getting my 14-year-old daughter started on semi-serious target shooting, and need to pick a release for her. She had been shooting fingers on her old bow, which she outgrew, so I just got her a new one and I want to set it up for release. Being a 14-year-old girl, she has small, and not...
  4. Looking for my Daughter's first bow!

    Women's and Youth Bows
    Hello everyone, I am in the market for a youth bow. My daughter is quite young, being only 6 (she turns 7 at the end of May 2014) so the bow would need to have a lower pull weight and draw length on it. We aren't that concerned over color or anything like that as she is pretty happy with...
  5. Mathews Genesis Blue

    Women's and Youth Bows
    We got this used for our daughter for Christmas and it is just too heavy in her hand. It is a great starter bow, she's just on the small side, so we'll need to go with something else. It is in great shape and has been cleaned up and string waxed. Nice blue color good for boy or girl. Easy to...
  6. WARNING...WARNING...WARNING!!!! The Bow Armory Calendar Girls Teaser!

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    The votes were tallied... The numbers were crunched...:mg: We are finally ready to announce our first Bow Armory Calendar Girl!!! And the winner is..... Candice!!! As promised, we have a teaser pic and a FREE wallpaper download for you! Click here for the high resolution wallpaper...
  7. Pearson Light Neon Green Lady's bow

    Women's and Youth Bows
    Hi, I have a somewhat vintage Pearson Probe lady's target bow for sale. Bow is in great shape and perfect for beginning lady archers. Draw weight is 30-45lb, currently set to 30lb Draw length is 24 inches. Has wheel cam and it is very gentle for the beginners. Also comes with - color...
  8. Left handed PSE Chaos in Pink camo

    Left Handed Hunting Bows
    30/40 left handed PSE Chaos for sale
  9. Laura, Chris and The AlienX in the Ville....

    General Archery Discussion
    A picture is worth a thousand words!! Congrats again to Chris and his Alien X for a fine performance...And of course thanks to Laura for making the 9 hour trek to come down and shoot and greet all of the great archery folks that stopped by the Martin booth!! Thank you Laura for all your hard...