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  1. How do you select arrows for target shooting?

    General Archery Discussion
    I am new to archery and I have been told I'm pretty good at it. I was given my bow as a gift from my ex's mother (she uses a crossbow for hunting instead), and was also given a number of arrows. I currently use a Bowtech Heartbreaker with a 30lb draw weight. My arrows are Gold Tip Velocity XT...
  2. what kind of arrows should I get for my new bow?

    Traditional Archery
    I'm planning on getting an October Mountain Products Explorer 2.0 54" with either 24 or 28 pound draw weight and I want to be sure that I get the right arrows ... if it helps, my draw length is 24" and YES I know that people suggest 62"-66" for my draw length however if I got a bow in any of...
  3. Input on Bows Appreciated

    General Archery Discussion
    I'm generally new to the sport. I am shooting a Compound Buckmasters bought at Dick's Sporting Goods. It was a great birthday present but now I want to enter shooting competitions and I know I need a better bow. So I need input on accurate bows with decent speed. I'm a girl and I know that my...
  4. arrow selection help

    Arrows & Strings
    hey guys i need some new arrows,y, i shoot cx now, the mayhems, or terminator litesbut i kind of want something american made and from what i have heard easton or beman are the options, my setup is a hoyt alphaburner 70 pound 30 inch draw, with over draw so the arrows are only 28 (could go...
  5. help

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    ok i got a new set of arrows from my uncle who never used them. my previous arrows were cut at 28.5'' and the new ones are 31.5'' i measured them but anyways im out of my old arrows so im shooting the new ones. i really like them and im shooting great but my question is should i get them cut...