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  1. General Archery Discussion
    Hello! Relative newbie here. I have a 54” 25lb draw weight Monarch recurve bow. The guy at the bass pro shop sold me some carbon arrows with 400 spine and plastic fletching, but they fly all over the place. I found a local archery shop, and that guy said I need a more flexible spine and feather...
  2. Arrows & Strings
    So i bought about 18 VAP jr 800 cc arrows at my local archery store. They came pre-fletched with 2" faux-plastic feathers. At the base of them was a piece of plastic (I assume to prevent them from catching?). Well needless to say within about 2 weeks all the plastic wrap at the base of the...
  3. General Archery Discussion
    Hi all! I am having some trouble tuning my bow. It is a centerpoint eos hunter. I'm using the stock rest and sight which are plastic and pretty crappy tbh. I've paper tuned the bow at 8 inches to leave a "perfect" mark. Shooting 27" arrows and 31" arrows all group together. My issue is than...
  4. General Archery Discussion
    Just recently got a Tru Ball Goat and I wanted to set it to the hinge mode. Upon doing so I feel like I can't get it cold enough. It seems that even on the coldest setting it still wants to pop straight after drawing. I am just wondering if anybody else has experienced this or if this is just...
  5. General Archery Discussion
    Bear Redemption making a click like noise at full draw if bow is drawn quickly. If drawn slowly there is no noise. Recently had bow timing set by shop. I am guessing either limb pocket or draw stop? Any information would be great.
  6. Bowtech Archery Discussion
    I’ve always wanted a compound bow. I got this one from a storage locker sale but no clue what it is. Anyone know? Or know how I find out?
  7. General Archery Discussion
    Hi there, I am currently looking to buy a new Recurve Bow next month and I've made some research on what to watch for on Bow etc... But i'm still not sure what Draw Weight i should go for... I am quite in a good shape and fit so i suppose i could be loose on what Draw weight i could use, but i...
  8. Traditional Archery
    This bow was gifted to my Mom and we know nothing about it. Can anyone help us learn more about it?
  9. General Archery Discussion
    My Mathews NoCam HTR has a small splinter coming off it and I was wondering if its still safe to shoot. I will try to upload some pictures for reference. Also where can I buy new limbs online for it? Or is it best to just take it to a shop?
  10. Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    Hello Archerytalkers, Im wanting to jump into shooting sticks, I have a little experience in a garden but nothing real. But I have a beginner course lined up this weekend. Im 6ft and have calculated that my bow size for a recurve would be 68" with a draw length of 29.25 I have already seen...
  11. General Archery Discussion
    Since i am new to archery i spend a lot of time Youtubing foruming to answer my questions. But there is something i don't get answer for, and that's arrow selection. Most people just say: "if you draw weight is 40 pounds, you need a 500 spine arrow" without giving explanation how this will...
  12. General Archery Discussion
    Anyone know where I can buy a replacement ring with the level for my Engage Hybrid? Took it off to paint and somehow managed to crack it
  13. General Archery Discussion
    I have a mathews triax with the bottom cable alignment hole dead on and the top alignment hole slightly off. But heres the kicker. Both stops are hitting at the same time and ive bare shaft tuned the bow out to 20yrds and its shooting bullets! Should I adjust the cable and start all over or...
  14. General Archery Discussion
    Haven't done archery a few weeks, and when I tried, I involuntarily released before a full draw, and it happens every shot. on recurve, any idea why? Much thanks in advance
  15. Competition Target Archery
    Hello, Archers of ArcheryTalk! I need your help with a school research project that I am making! I am researching the differences in the accuracy of recurve and longbows in a target archery setting. I would very much appreciate it if you would fill out the form! You do not need to be an expert...
  16. Mathews Archery Discussion
    So I bought a nice new VXR 31.5 when it launched and then suffered a shoulder injury. When I went to start shooting again I let some weight off of my limb bolts, then it started shooting with a slight nock left tear on paper. I took it to my pro shop and they told me that you absolutely CANNOT...
  17. General Archery Discussion
    Looking for some input on what bow vise to get? I have a couple Mathews bows and a pse and looking for a vise to install rests sights etc.. just want to have a nice vise to tinker and learn on any input would be appreciated thanks in advance!
  18. General Archery Discussion
    I’m over thinking this and driving myself nuts so I’m gonna ask you guys (stupid question incoming). I just bought an Elite Enkore. Picked it up today. Building a completely new set of arrows for it (I also have a Bowtech Solution, which is why I say completely new set). So my (stupid) question...
  19. General Archery Discussion
    So I’m having a hell of a time with my next arrow build. I know heavy arrows and extreme FOC are the hot trendy things right now but I’m wanting to go a different route with this build as I did the heavy arrow thing with my current build. I’m looking for a 250 spine .204 arrow with a GPI of...
1-20 of 500 Results