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  1. Homebrew Cameras

    Bowhunting and Bowhunter Showcases
    What is the best model camera to use to build these? For that matter, what kinda of camera models CAN you use to build these? Thanks.
  2. ThunderchickenCams S40/Yeti Homebrew - Hot off the workbench!

    Optics and Electronics
    Just in time for Christmas! I've got a brand new Sony S40/Yeti setup for sale. I just finished building it this morning, and it is working beautifully. The camera is 4-wire hacked (yeti fast hack), and has been dunk tested to confirm it is water-tight. Comes with: (1) complete trailcam setup...
  3. best soldering iron

    Game Cameras
    i need a good soldering iron and solder to use for my first cam build and hopefully many more to follow! ive had several cheap walmart jobs in the past but they definately werent for fine soldering! whats everyones preferences? i dont mind spending alittle money for a quality iron that will...
  4. Homebrew Trail Cameras

    DIY Equipment
    I would really like some info on making some homebrew trail cameras. Give me what ya got!!!
  5. Sony P41 - Unhacked or Hacked, your choice

    Optics and Electronics
    I have a used P41 for sale...functions 100% except it sometimes has a finicky LCD. I have not opened the camerato try to fix it, but I am positive if I would take it apart that I could fix it in a minute or 2. If the screen acts up a very light tap on the bottom fixes it. I'll hack it with a...
  6. Who has homebrews with a sony p32

    Game Cameras
    How does the p32 do for homebrews and is the hack similar to the s40? Could someone put some pics up taken by the p32?
  7. Almost mint Sony P41...

    Optics and Electronics
    $110 shipped or I can hack it with a 3 wire servo for $120 tyd (prices firm) I prefer money order but will take paypal for an additional $3
  8. Bow Press For Sale!!!

    Accessories and General Hunting Items
    I have a homemade bow press. I used 1/8" wall thickness steel square tubing throughout. Arms are 1 1/4" square tubing and the main beam and legs are 1 1/2". The entire thing has been black powder coated. I used 1/2" cold rolled steel for the two pins in the arm and grade 8 bolts for the boat...
  9. WTB...Mathews Apex 7

    Misc. Items Only Want to Buy or Trade? WTB or WTT
    Looking for a black riser/camo limb or red/black riser and black limb Apex 7. Must be in excellent condition and would prefer 30" draw and 50-60# limbs. PM me if you have one for sale and are interested in a partial trade for a home brew trail cam (white flash or IR) :smile:
  10. Just in time for Christmas!!! Brand New 4.1MP XLP Homebrew Trailcam FS

    Optics and Electronics
    I just finished up this homebrew this afternoon, and it is a pretty sweet setup if I say so myself. It is a Sony S40 camera hacked for external power; (2) AA's in the camera (must be rechargeables for best performance) and a holder for (2) AA's external to the camera (these can be alkalines or...
  11. homebrew newbie w/ questions

    Game Cameras
    Hey all you homebrew experts out there, I am really interested in building myself a homebrew for the first time but i have a few questions that need answering before I know how to proceed. 1) I have a Kodak 3 mp camera(not exactly sure on the model #) that I no longer use due to the screen...