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homemade bow
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  1. Build Along
    Hello, I'm still a bit new in the world of making my own bows. currently I'm making a reflex/deflex longbow(if wanted i can post some photo's of the progress). But what i'm experiencing now, and also what I have experienced before, is when I take the bow out of the form, it is very stiff, and...
  2. Bow Tuning
    I'm making a couple of PVC bows for bowfishing and was wondering where the rest should be located. Is it best for the arrow to go through the center of the bow? Or would it be better if the top of my hand, where the most pressure on the grip is, was at the center of the bow? The second would...
  3. General Archery Discussion
    I'm trying my hand at making a bow from PVC pipe. Figured this would be a nice, easy, timely, and inexpensive project I could do with my six year old daughter. There seems to be plenty of good video resources on YouTube and so forth about how to fashion the bow, but not a whole lot of good...
1-3 of 3 Results