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  1. General Archery Discussion
    So we insulated the roof of the house today, my face is still dry and tight, anyways, all of the roles of the insulation had a thin strip of brown paper, and all the roles were wrapped in plastic, well from all about 20 we put up there I got the paper and plastic and stuffed into a cardboard box...
  2. DIY Equipment
    hey guys i just made a target that actually stops arrows better and the arrows are even easier to pull out of, than a bag target like a yellow jacket. all you have to do is stuff some old clothes good and tight into a large cardboard box, and close it up good and tight, then just shoot it. if...
  3. DIY Equipment
    This is my first attempt at making a target. I originally started to make a backstop and the project just kind of took off from there. Material list: 8 2x4's 1 7/16 sheet of stand board 2 4' x 5' canvas drop cloths Items laying around chicken wire old clothes to stuff the target And...
1-3 of 3 Results